Copyright and permissions

The State Library of South Australia has endeavoured to ascertain the copyright holders of material digitised from the Bradman Scrapbooks, and has written to them by letter, fax or email seeking permission to reproduce. Where replies were not received, or where the copyright owner is not shown or has not been able to be traced, the Library has decided in good faith to proceed with digitisation and publication.

The State Library of South Australia Library does not commercially benefit from this reproduction of material in the Scrapbooks, which have been publicly available for many years, and trusts that people associated with the digitised items will support the Library's commitment to making this important collection of Bradman memorabilia more accessible to cricket lovers around the world.

The Library will be happy to hear from copyright owners or others who can advise on details of creators of artistic or written works where these have not been able to be identified, and will update those records accordingly. Should copyright owners object to this usage of their material on this website, the Library will, with apologies, delete those images if necessary.

The Library acknowledges the assistance of the Australian Copyright Council in clarifying points of copyright law and giving advice on individual cases.

Published material
Unpublished material
Further publication of this material

Published material

Most of the published material in the scrapbooks is in the form of newspaper cuttings, and the name of the newspaper and the date is usually not shown. The volumes are arranged by date, ranging from 1925 to 1949. Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968, articles in newspapers and periodicals pre 1969 without by-lines (authorship statements) are out of copyright. Articles with by-lines are in copyright for 50 years after the death of the creator. Where the by-line is an employee of the newspaper or periodical, copyright rests with the publication. Where the by-line is a freelance writer, then copyright belongs to the writer.

Where the journalist's name and the name of the newspaper is known we have written to the current owners of the newspaper where this is ascertainable. Where the journalist's name is shown, but the newspaper is not, we have endeavoured to ascertain the newspaper that journalist wrote for, from knowledge within the cricket community. In particular we acknowledge the assistance of cricket historians and researchers Bernard Whimpress in South Australia and Steve Gibbs in New South Wales.

Cartoons have presented particular problems, where the cartoonist's signature is indecipherable. Without knowing the name of the newspaper the cartoons appeared in, it is practically impossible to seek copyright permission, although an attempt was made to determine this through the Australian Black and White Artists Club. Copyright in artworks, including cartoons, rests with the creator for 50 years after their death.

The summaries of each match which have been handwritten into the scrapbooks were adapted by Sir Donald from B. J. Wakley's book Bradman the great (London, Sportsman's Book Club, 1960). This excellent and authoritative book is a factual chronicle of Sir Donald's playing career and a copy is held in the State Library of South Australia. A reprint of this book was published in 1999 in paperback, making this essential reference work available to a wide audience around the world.

Unpublished material

Under the Australian Copyright Act 1968, there is copyright in unpublished material in these scrapbooks, such as letters, diaries, menus, and other memorabilia. Copyright in unpublished material is held by the creators of the works or their heirs in perpetuity. We have endeavoured to trace the current whereabouts of individuals and businesses.

Further publication of this material

The State Library of South Australia has ownership rights of the material in its copy of the Bradman scrapbooks. Anyone wishing to reproduce any of this material in a publication, whether in printed or digital format, should read Publication of material from State Library of South Australia Collections.

The Library no longer charges publication fees as such. The preferred form of payment-in-kind is promotion for the Library and its collections through high-profile acknowledgment. Only in exceptional commercial circumstances, for example where an item is to be published as an adaptation involving a very long print run, such as a mint coin or product packaging, would an individual fee be negotiated.

For details, contact the Associate Director, Library and Information Services, State Library of South Australia, GPO Box 419, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia, or telephone (08) 8207 7347 or fax (08) 8207 7351 or email

Should anyone wish to reproduce any material from the Bradman Scrapbooks which is still in copyright, the Library has on file the contact details of the copyright owners who have given permission, as well as contact details of other copyright owners we have written to.