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clear Cornelius Proud's article "How woman's suffrage was won in South Australia" is published in Review of Reviews (Australasian edition).
Electoral notice to female voters concerning distribution of forms of claims to facilitate the registration of female electors' names on the electoral rolls gazetted in South Australian Government Gazette.

The Constitution Amendment Act 1894 gazetted in the South Australian Government Gazette:
Section 1. The right to vote for persons to sit in Parliament as members of the Legislative Council, and the right to vote for persons to sit in Parliament as members of the House of Assembly, are hereby extended to women.
Section 2. Women shall possess and may exercise the rights hereby granted, subject to the same qualifications and in the same manner as men.

Celebration at the Albert Hall. A public meeting, organised by the Women's Suffrage League is held in the Albert Hall to celebrate the passing of the Adult Suffrage Bill and Her Majesty's assent to the alteration of the Constitution involved. [Register 10 Apr 1895]
Dissolution of the Women's Suffrage League
At a meeting of the Council of the League, it is resolved:-
1. That the object for which the League was organised, viz., the political enfranchisement of the women of South Australia, having been accomplished, the Women's Suffrage League of South Australia is hereby and now dissolved.
2. That this Council, on behalf of the League, offers earnest thanks to the President (Lady Colton), the Treasurer (Mrs Charles Birks), and the Hon Secretary (Mrs Mary Lee), for their services in this cause.
3. That a public meeting of the members of the League and friends of the enfranchisement of the women of South Australia be called at an early date to make a presentation to the Hon Secretary (Mrs Mary Lee), who originated the movement for the women's vote in these colonies, in recognition of her assiduous labours in the cause since its inception here in 1888. [Observer 22 Jun 1895]
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union of South Australia holds its annual Convention 17-20 Sep. The report of the Suffrage Department for the previous year includes the following:-
A leaflet was printed entitled "Sixteen reasons for supporting women's suffrage," and a large number circulated with such other suffrage literature as we had then on hand. A circular letter was addressed to each Local Union on October 4th [1894], asking them to instruct one of their officers to write to each of the members of their district and urge him to vote in favour of the Bill, and the circular also suggested various means for keeping interest alive. An effort was made to supplement the petition already presented to the House of Assembly. [W.C.T.U. Minutes of Convention]

Testimonial to Mrs Mary Lee.
A number of ladies and gentlemen, including the Mayor (Mr C. Tucker), the Premier (Hon C.C. Kingston), and several members of Parliament, assemble in the Mayor's Reception-room to present a testimonial to Mrs Mary Lee for her services in connection with "the obtention of women's suffrage." [Advertiser 15 Feb 1896]
General elections for the House of Assembly: for the first time South Australian women vote in a general election. For the whole province of South Australia:

Names on rollVoted
Women - 59166Women - 39312
Men - 77752Men - 51572
[Register 10 Jun 1896]

"There was a high rate of enrolment and voting; a slightly higher percentage of enrolled women voted than enrolled men..." [Helen Jones, "South Australian women and politics" in The Flinders history of South Australia. Political history]

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