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Jessie Cooper MLC and Joyce Steele MHA are the first women elected to the South Australian Parliament. [Helen Jones, In her own name]
South Australian Parliamentary Debates; South Australian Government Gazette; the newspapers Advertiser, Bunyip, Observer, Port Pirie Advocate, Register; the periodicals Eclectic and Voice; the introduction to the series list for SRG73 Australian Labor Party (S.A. Branch); and other items as indicated in the chronology. Further details on the last are available from Women's Suffrage in South Australia: South Australiana Source Sheet No. 14. Copies of this source sheet are available for viewing at the Mortlock Library Reference Desk.

This chronology was compiled in the S.A. Research and Family History Team by Zaiga Sudrabs and Prue Brooks, with assistance from Connie Iversen. Permission is given to reproduce this chronology with acknowledgement to the State Library of South Australia. We would like to thank Ms Elizabeth Mansutti for access to her list of sources on women's suffrage in South Australia.
Feb 1994

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