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was a fine old East Indian ship
built in 1816 at Bombay Dockyards, India by Jamsetjee Bomanjee as a fully rigged ship.

She departed London on December 11th, 1838 under command of Captain William Moore,
arrived Adelaide on March 21st, 1839.

Background information
The BUCKINGHAMSHIRE arrived at Deal from the Thames River
on Friday, December 7th 1838. The ship's master was William Moore.
The boat sailed to Portsmouth arriving on Saturday, 8th December.
When it finally departed for South Australia on Tuesday December 11th
it had a total of 512 passengers and 102 crew.
The 512 consisted of 16 cuddy (cabin), 23 intermediate
and 15 steerage passengers as well as 447 emigrants.
The ship's tonnage at this stage was 1731 tons.
Forty three days into the voyage, the ship was in contact
with the ARGYLL at latitude 28 degrees south.

When the ARGYLL arrived in Sydney, Lloyd's of London was notified of this meeting,
recording the contact in its list dated 4th September 1939.
A record of the voyage exists in the form of a diary extract written
by John Channing and letters written by G Vickery, both passengers on board this voyage.
After travelling for 98 days the ship arrived in Adelaide on 22nd of March 1839.

We understand the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE only made one visit to Adelaide, but brought the largest single contingent of passengers with her on that visit in 1839.
This was probably the largest sailing ship to enter Port Adelaide in the days of sailing ships. She would have been a beautiful sight sailing up the Port River to the wharf.
She arrived in Port Adelaide on March 22 1839 with 512 passengers on board. Of these, 443 were migrants being sent out by the Commissioners
under the care of General Superintendent Nathanel Hailes for the colonisation of South Australia. There were around 42 cabin passengers, 15 in steerage and 443 bounty emigrants,
including 180 children.

The following passenger list was from the Register, March 30th 1839, page 6 Col D, and information supplied by the South Australian Archives.
The list in the paper does not appear to be complete.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE 1839 Passenger Classifications

A classified list of emigrants on the "Buckinghamshire" was published in the South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register on Saturday, March 30 1839 (pg 2 column b).
In the same newspaper (pg 6, column d), the ship's manifest was published.
NOTE: The names of the crew are listed below the passengers.

The "South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register" of Saturday, 6th April 1839, page 3, column b describes an inquest on the "body of a man which was found lying above high-water mark, on the sea-shore, about half way between the flag staff at Glenelg, and Holdfast Bay. The body was found to be that of a sailor of the name of Harding, belonging to the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, who, along with the Surgeon W.I. Harris, and another seaman belonging to the same ship, were drowned a day or two before, in a boating accident at Holdfast Bay, in which they were upsetting. The Jury returned a verdict of "Found drowned".

The BUCKINGHAMSHIRE brings a large cargo, much of it being dead weight, which accounts for her trim. She lies rather deep in the water, her draft being 22ft. aft. The compartments too were particularly clean and admirably ventilated and lighted. The ship in fact, was well found, and well kept in every particular. There was plenty of hospital room, commodious galleys, and a good water condenser by Chaplin. Of course, the married people's compartment was fitted up in the usual atrocious manner with open bunks. The herding system was carried out in its entirety.

SHIPS CREW As the Buckinghamshire probably left Adelaide to continue elsewhere, the crew are not included in the SA-Passengers database.

.OLLES, H.J. - Chief Mate
ACKLAND, Jno Able Seaman
ALEXANDER, William Calker
ALI, Mahomed Ordinary Seaman
APTED, Arthur Apprentice
ARAMS, Charles Apprentice
BARKER, Walter Ordinary Seaman
BARRETT, Charles Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
BARRETT, William E. Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
BAYAN, Throphs Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
BEATTEASHE, Jno Able Seaman
BOWMAN, Alfred Able Seaman
BRIDGES, J.H. Able Seaman
BROWN, Jno Able Seaman
BROWN, Robert Able Seaman
CHALDER, Matthew Ordinary Seaman
CONSTANTINE, Peter Captains Cook
COOK, Mathew Chief Master Sevt and Cuddy
CUSONS, Thomas Captains steward
DAVIS, Richard Able Seaman
DAWSON, William Ordinary Seaman
DENMAN, Jas Apprentice
DIRSON, Jno Quarter Master
DODD, Edward Ordinary Seaman
DUFFEY, Jas - Boatswain
EDGELL, Edward D. - 4th mate
EDWARDS, Thomas Able Seaman
EVAN, Peter Able Seaman
EVANS, Edward Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
EVANS, Jno Able Seaman
FEINSTER, H. - Ordinary Seaman
FISHER, Edward - Able Seaman
FRANCIS, Balleric - Ordinary Seaman
GARDNER, Francis Able Seaman
GARNELS, Jno Able seaman
GISRIM, Fred Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
GRANT, Thomas Cuooy servant
HAINES, Charles Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
HANERCK, Jno Able Seaman
HANISCON, H - 6th Mate
HARDING, Joseph Ordinary Seaman
HARRIS, John Cooper
HARRY, W.J. - Surgeon
HARWOOD, Charles Apprentice
HELY, Fred George - Midshipman
HEWISON, David Sailmaker
HOWELL, R Able Seaman
JONES, Jno Able Seaman
KEAN, Jno M Able Seaman
KELLY, Jno Ordinary Seaman
KEMP, William Able Seaman
KING, Robert Ships steward
LA FAREUE, Charles - Midshipman
LASCAY, ..Y Apprentice LIVERSLEY, Samuel Butcher
LONG, Thomas Able Seaman
LOWSON, Jno Able Seaman
MACKAY, Alex Able Seaman
MASON, George Quarter Master
MATTHEWS, Jas Peter boy
MATTHEWS, Peter Boatswains Mate
MELLEY, Patrick Able Seaman
MOORE, George H. Able Seaman
MORGAN, Jno - Able Seaman
MUNDY, Wm - Carpenter
NELSON, Jno Able Seaman
NOWLAN, Richard Able Seaman
ONSLOW, Charles Hamilton - 5th Mate
OSBORN, Jas - Midshipman
PLITZ (Plotz), Henrick Ordinary Seaman
PRAEDER, Joseph Ordinary Seaman
RICHARDSON, Jas Able Seaman
ROGERS, Thomas Ordinary Seaman
ROWE, John Gunner
ROWLANDS, George Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
SABLIZE, Antonio Able Seaman
SHEE, William Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
SHRODER, George William - Midshipman
SHURIT?, Charles - Purser
SIMPSON, Jno Able Seaman
SMEETH, Apprentice
STEWART, Jno Able Seaman
SYMIONS, Stephen Quarter Master
TANN, Thomas Boatswains Mate
TEMPLER, George - 3rd mate
THOMPSON, .. Able Seaman
THORPE, Charles Ships Cook
TILL, G.S. Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
WEBB, Charles Apprentice
WHELAN, Michael Ordinary Seaman and Joiner
WILLIAMS, Jas Able Seaman WILLIAMS, Jno Able Seaman
WILLSHIRE, Charles - 2nd mate
WILLSNORTH, Joseph Able Seaman
WOODFORD, Jno Apprentice

After leaving Adelaide on 11th April the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE sailed to Kangaroo Island, leaving on the 18th for Ceylon and India.
The BUCKINGHAMSHIRE's arrival at the Cape of Good Hope was listed as June 16th 1939
its voyage continuing until it arrived in Saugor from Madras on July 10th 1839.

On Thursday, March 1st 1851, the BUCKINGHAMSHIRE left Calcutta for England
destroyed by fire on March 4th, just a few days after she set sail.