A barque built at Northfleet docks in Kent in 1818
to 'second description first class' for the Chapman company.
She weighed 457 ton.
She was also variously recorded as a ship and a barque.
length - 117' 3"
beam - 29' 4"
depth of hold - not recorded

She conveyed early settlers to New Zealand, and transported convicts to Australia in 1830 and 1832.
It seems she stayed in Australian waters for a few years
and was variously employed in the sea-going transport trade.

An ill fated voyage to begin with as cholera broke out aboard her
on the day she sailed from Woolwich, so she anchored in Plymouth Sound
but was ordered to put to sea again after receiving medical supplies
and the services of an assistant surgeon from the Royal Navy.
She returned to the Thames Estuary and was laid up in Stangate Creek
until almost the end of March before being allowed to resume her voyage.
Of the 222 convicts aboard, 30 men developed cholera and 13 died
before she finally set sail from Woolwich in February 1832 bound for Van Diemans Land
(arriving on 16 July) carrying 222 male convicts under the command of Captain James Berry.

Katherine Stewart Forbes - Gravesend to Adelaide.
She sailed from Gravesend on 27 July 1837 and arrived at Holdfast Bay on October 17th, 1837
under the command of Captain Alfred Fell. On this trip she brought 222 passengers with her.
Passenger List
KATHERINE STEWART FORBES - departed Launceston, arrived Port Adelaide on June 17th,1838
Passenger List
KATHERINE STEWART FORBES - departed London on October 20th, 1838
under the command of Captain Alfred Fell.
After a stop at the Cape of Good Hope, she arrived in Adelaide on March 21st, 1839.
Passenger List

Other visits - Departed Launceston bringing sheep, arrived Port Adelaide on June 17th, 1839
Departed Hobart Town bringing timber, arrived Port Adelaide on October 6th, 1839
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