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    Place Names of South Australia - B



    Arthur and Neville Blyth arrived in South Australia, aged sixteen and eleven years respectively, in 1839 with their parents. Both became successful businessmen and members of Parliament, and Arthur Blyth was knighted in 1878.

    General Notes

    A portrait of Arthur Blyth is in the Australasian Sketcher,
    16 April 1874, page 12;
    "Mr Blyth's Manifesto" is in the Express,
    12 January 1875, page 2b,
    "The Blyth Government" on
    5 June 1875, page 2b.

    Biographical details are in theRegister,
    1 March 1880, page 6b,
    8 August 1891, page 33b;
    his obituary is in the Register,
    9 December 1891, pages 4f-h-6d;
    also see Chronicle,
    23 January 1892, page 6g.

    Information on Neville Blyth is in the Express,
    10 January 1865, page 2b,
    11 and 16 July 1867, pages 2b and 2a;
    an obituary is in the Register,
    17 February 1890, page 5h.

    The sale of the township is reported in the Observer,
    28 August 1875, page 7c.
    It is described in the Register,
    21 February 1878, page 6c-f,
    17 June 1899, page 19a,
    13 August 1904, page 8c; also see
    13 August 1904, pages 25-26,
    22 February 1911, page 6f.

    Comments on local farming are in The Irish Harp,
    16 March 1872, page 3c:

    "Recollections of a Trip to Yorke Peninsula" are in The Irish Harp,
    27 September 1872, page 3b.

    A "snake encounter" is discussed in the Observer,
    21 October 1876, page 7g.

    A rifle association parade is reported in the Register,
    8 March 1880, page 5b,
    3 April 1880, page 559d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Rifle Shooting.

    A sports and horse race meeting is reported in the Chronicle,
    27 January 1883, page 21d; also see
    14 February 1885, page 15c,
    4 March 1893, page 4f,
    3 March 1894, page 21d.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Horse Racing.

    "The Shooting Affray" is in the Observer,
    9 January 1886, page 30d.

    The opening of the railway is reported in the Register,
    30 June 1894, page 6c.
    Also see South Australia - Transport - Railways.

    Information on a butter factory is in the Chronicle,
    10 August 1895, page 13d.
    "The Blyth Butter Factory" is in the Register,
    13 August 1895, page 7c.
    Also see South Australia - Industries - Rural, Primary and Secondary - Dairying.

    A photograph of R. Buzacott's Machinery Works' picnic is in the Chronicle,
    29 December 1906, page 26.

    The laying of the foundation stone of a Hall is reported in the Register,
    12 May 1904, page 6f
    14 May 1904, page 4b (supp.);
    for its opening see
    27 August 1904, page 1a (supp.).

    "Progressive Blyth" is in the Register,
    30 November 1908, page 4h,
    "Tales of Progress in the Advertiser,
    8 October 1909, page 8e; also see
    22 January 1910, page 14f,
    22 February 1911, page 6f,
    "Prosperous Blyth" in the Chronicle,
    14 May 1904, page 31c,
    6 October 1923, page 19e.

    "Beautiful Blyth" in the Register,
    3 October 1924, page 7g,
    "A Model Community" in the Advertiser,
    7 October 1927, page 17c,
    "Blyth and District" in the Observer,
    15 October 1927, page 55c.
    Photographs are in the Observer,
    9 July 1927, page 32.

    Information on the town's water supply is in the Register,
    5 February 1876, page 5c.

    The Blyth Plains Rifle Club is discussed in the Observer,
    25 March 1876, page 7f; also see
    7 October 1876, page 4f.
    Also see South Australia - Sport - Rifle Shooting.

    Information on a Catholic school is in The Irish Harp,
    21 March 1873, page 3a and
    a Catholic church in the Register,
    30 November 1910, page 3g,
    3 December 1910, page 15b,
    31 May 1911, page 8b.

    A proposed school is discussed in the Register,
    16 January 1877, page 7b,
    20 January 1877, page 10f; it opened in 1878;
    the Blyth Plains School operated from 1869 until 1881, while the
    Blyth Scrub School opened in 1892 and became "Harmerville" in 1908.

    Photographs of an Arbor Day are in the Chronicle,
    26 September 1908, page 30,
    of a school play in the Observer,
    20 February 1915, page 28.
    Also see South Australia - Education - Arbor Days.

    The laying of the foundation stone of a Wesleyan chapel is reported in the Register,
    23 May 1878, page 7b.

    Information on the Travelling Stock Reserve adjoining the town is in the Register,
    26 April 1883 (supp.), page 1c,
    19 May 1883 (supp.), page 1c.

    The Peak water scheme on the Blyth Plains is discussed in the Observer,
    27 August 1887, page 30c.
    Also see South Australia - Water Conservation.

    An obituary of George Semmens is in the Register,
    18 November 1891, page 5b,
    of Thomas Dodd on 18 August 1905, page 8a.

    A sports day is reported in the Register,
    25 January 1884, page 7b.

    A photograph of the Institute is in the Chronicle,
    29 October 1904, page 29.

    A photograph of the coffee palace is in the Observer,
    27 June 1908, page 30,
    of the laying of the foundation stone of the Lutheran Church in the Chronicle,
    15 May 1909, page 29.
    Its opening is reported in the Observer,
    6 November 1909, page 17b and
    a silver jubilee in the Register,
    14 June 1911, page 3h.

    The introduction of a telephone service is reported in the Chronicle,
    22 June 1907, page 41a.

    A local Show is reported in the Advertiser,
    8 October 1909, page 11e;
    7 October 1910, page 10d;
    photographs are in the Chronicle,
    21 October 1911, page 31.

    A proposed hospital is discussed in the Observer,
    5 March 1910, page 16d,
    18 October 1910, page 9a.
    The laying of the foundation stone of the hospital is reported in the Advertiser,
    22 February 1911, page 10d;
    for its opening see
    21 October 1911, page 21c.
    21 October 1911, page 8i.
    Photographs are in the Chronicle,
    28 October 1911, page 34.

    Biographical details of L. Kuchenmeister are in the Register,
    6 September 1910, page 6g.

    Biographical details of James Sampson are in the Register,
    8 October 1910, page 5a.
    A farewell to Mr & Mrs J. Sampson is reported in the Register,
    9 September 1910, page 6i, Observer,
    17 September 1910, page 17d.

    Photographs of the opening of the Catholic Church are in the Observer,
    10 June 1911, page 31,
    of a ladies' hockey team on
    15 November 1913, page 30,
    of the Blyth-Clare mail coach on
    9 February 1924, page 34,
    of the hospital on
    5 March 1927, page 32,
    of bowlers on
    15 October 1927, page 36.

    A photograph of a ladies' hockey club is in the Chronicle,
    9 September 1911, page 32,
    20 December 1913, page 31,
    of a football team on
    24 October 1935, page 36.

    Biographical details of John Shepherd are in the Register,
    24 November 1911, page 7a and
    an obituary in the Observer,
    13 November 1915, page 46b.

    A photograph of four generations of the Sexton family is in the Observer,
    26 April 1913, page 32.

    Biographical details of Mr & Mrs W.H. Best are in the Observer,
    9 May 1914, page 17d,
    of L.J.H. Kuchenmeister on 6 September 1916, page 6h.

    "Blyth and its Farmers" is in the Register,
    6 October 1923, page 10c,
    13 October 1923, page 5a.

    "Progress and Prosperity" is in the Observer,
    11 October 1924, page 46c.

    "50 Years in Blyth", the reminiscences of Mr A. Grovermann, is in the Advertiser,
    12 March 1926, page 14d.

    Blyth - Obituaries

    An obituary of William Eime is in the Observer,
    12 September 1908, page 40b,
    of Dr C.D. Lauder on 6 April 1912, page 41a,
    of Isaac Nottle on 7 June 1913, page 44c,
    of Mrs Susan Crutchett on 16 June 1917, page 33d,
    of Stephen Neville on 21 July 1917, page 31a,
    of F.T. Pedler on 4 August 1917, page 19e,
    of A.L. McEwin on 7 January 1928, page 56c.

    An obituary of Mrs Mary Pearce is in the Register,
    1 November 1913, page 16a,
    of S.R. Neville on 10 December 1914, page 5g,
    of Miss Bertha L.F. Ludwig on 6 July 1916, page 6h,
    of Mrs Honora Sexton on 24 March 1917, page 8h,
    of Thomas Wiltshire on 8 April 1920, page 6e,
    of S.G. Shepherd on 29 June 1920, page 4h,
    of Frank Denford on 15 December 1920, page 9a,
    of Ludwig Kuchenmeister on 14 May 1921, page 8c.

    An obituary of Mrs Joseph Pratt is in the Register,
    14 December 1925, page 9a,
    of A.L. McEwin on 30 December 1927, page 7d,
    of James S. Knowles, hotelier, on 17 May 1928, page 11g.

    Blythewood - Booborowie