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Newspaper front page copies for anniversaries etc.

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 What is available

  • The Advertiser - 23 March 1889 to the present (usually up to 1 month ago)
  • The Sunday Mail - 4 May 1912 to the present (usually up to 1 month ago)
  • The News - 24 July 1923 - 27 Mar. 1992

A range of other newspapers are also available, South Australian and interstate, as well as a small number of overseas titles. These can be identified in the Library Catalogue. Staff will discuss copying options.

(Although and A4 size can be provided, when a full page is reduced to this size, some text maybe too small to read)

 Problem dates

Until 5 November 1972, the Sunday paper in South Australia was printed with Saturday's date. This means that if your anniversary fell on a Sunday before this time, there will be no newspaper with the required date and you will need to pick a Saturday or the following Monday newspaper.

Check what day of the week is involved - if you don't know, you can check a perpetual calendar.

 Products and prices

Size *Basic service Laminated **Value added service Laminated
A4  $5.50  $8.50  $18  $21 
A3  $6.50  $10.50  $19  $23 
A2  $10  $15  $22  $27 

Postage and handling

  • A4 copies can be posted in a reinforced flat pack @$7.50 for up to 15 sheets
  • A3/A2 copies will be posted in a tube @ $10 for up to 15 sheets

Product details

The copy is produced on standard copy paper. Please note - the Copy quality will always depend on the quality of the original microfilm or newspaper.

  • *Basic service - as produced by the reader-printer or scanner, with no attempt to improve the image
  • **Value added service - staff will attempt to improve the image as much as possible
  • Lamination - the copy will be given a protective plasticised cover

 Order form

See ordering copies from our Collection.


Where there is no microfilm, the original hard copy must be retrieved. Some originals are held offsite and are only retrieved on Monday and Thursday mornings and must be requested through the Library catalogue before 9am on those days.

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