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Service charter

The State Library of South Australia is committed to providing excellent customer service. We have developed this Service Charter to tell you about the standards of service you can expect. This charter also explains what you can do if you are not satisfied with the quality of service you receive.

We want to provide friendly, helpful and professional service every time you make contact with us. We also want to make our collections, information and services accessible to South Australians, whether using the Library in person, by phone or online. We will review and update this Service Charter in November each year.

Customer Service

Whenever you contact us by phone, online or visit us you are entitled to know the name of the person who assisted with your enquiry. In situations where your questions or enquiries cannot be answered on-the-spot we will give you an indication of how long it will take to provide a response. If for any reason we are unable to help, we will do our best to tell you who can.

The State Library of South Australia provides access to a wide range of South Australian heritage items and unique material. Much of our collection is rare and highly valued both in monetary terms and as an integral part of the cultural heritage of South Australia. In many cases we have the only copy of items anywhere in the world.  We are charged by an Act of Parliament to preserve such items. Procedures have been developed which safeguard access to this material to ensure our collection can be preserved for future generations.

Phone calls

We aim to answer phone calls at service points promptly, in person. If lines are busy then calls will transfer to our automatic answering facilities. A dedicated phone service is staffed 10am-5pm Monday-Friday. After hours and on weekends, staff may not have time to spend on in-depth enquiries over the phone, but your enquiry will be taken and answered as soon as possible.


We aim to acknowledge all correspondence within five working days of receipt, by phone, fax, email or letter. If the matter is complex and cannot be resolved within 10 days, or more information is required, we will keep you up-to-date with our progress.

Resolving your problems or complaints

Our staff will answer your questions and assist you where possible with the resolution of any problems you experience while visiting us. If a problem cannot be resolved on-the-spot by library staff at the Information Desk, or by the Manager of Access and Information, then you will be asked to complete a Tell Us What You Think feedback form. Alternatively, you can write to the Director, State Library, GPO Box 419, Adelaide SA 5001 and you will receive a response within five working days.

Your feedback, tell us how we're doing!

Feedback about our services is very important to us. We like to hear when we are doing things well and we're also interested to hear about your suggestions for improvement. Customer feedback boxes are placed at various locations including the information desk, the stand-up catalogues and the family history area. Tell Us What You Think feedback forms are placed next to these boxes for you to use when lodging your comments. You are also welcome to email us with your comments. We will be pleased to receive any positive comments and will follow up any criticisms or complaints you may have. We acknowledge all contacts within five working days.

Contacting us

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Address: Corner North Terrace and Kintore Avenue, Adelaide
Postal address: GPO Box 419, Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: (08) 8207 7250
SA country callers: 1800 182 013
TTY: (08) 8207 7251
Fax: (08) 8207 7247

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Phone Us: +61 8 8207 7250
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