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The State Library of South Australia is a partner in the National Library of Australia's PANDORA archive (Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia). This national initiative involves selecting and archiving online publications such as as websites so that they can be preserved in a form that resembles the original as closely as possible. Ten major libraries and collecting institutions around Australia contribute to the archive which ensures a broad range of material from most states of Australia.

The National Library of Australia aims to build a comprehensive collection of Australian publications to ensure that Australians have access to their digital heritage now and in the future.

What's available? 

PANDORA provides access to a snapshot of specific websites at a point in time. This snapshot is typically taken either as a once-off representative sample or on an annual basis depending on the website's content. As the legal deposit provisions of the Libraries Act do not currently cover online material, permission from individual publishers must be sought prior to including their work in the archive.

Users can explore archived versions of websites that may no longer be available or peruse a specific website as it appeared over a number of consecutive years.

Online publications cover a broad range of subjects including arts, business and economy, defence, education, environment, government and law, health, history, humanities, indigenous, industry and technology, media, people and culture, politics, sciences, society and social issues, sports and recreation, tourism and travel.  

How do I access it? 

The National Library's Trove search engine provides the point of access into the PANDORA archive. The State Library's catalogue also acts as an access point to some of the websites the Library has archived in PANDORA.

How we are involved

The State Library of South Australia selects online publications pertaining to the social record of South Australia. The other partners select publications of significance to their own states or to Australia.

The State Library of South Australia became a partner in 2000 and has contributed over 1000 online publications including websites of:

Various other local groups and candidates' websites during federal and state elections are also represented.

The State Library is also contributing to national collections on the Murray-Darling and on the resources boom.

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Selection criteria

Pages 13-14 of the State Library's Collection Development Policy provide selection criteria for inclusion into the PANDORA archive from the South Australian perspective. Not all websites proposed for inclusion into the archive can be accepted due to technological or other restraints as determined by the State Library.

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For further enquiries contact Collection Development via email or on phone (08) 8207 7281.

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