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Date: 9 August 2018

Time: 6 to 7:30pm

Location: Hetzel Lecture Theatre, Institute Building

Note: Free, bookings essential

Ignition Series Inspiring young people to connect with STEM at the State Library of South Australia

Are you 14-18 years old* and interested in all things science? Then our IGNITION Series is for you.





About the IGNITION series

Meet Adelaide's young faces of science and hear the latest in science research, innovation, technology, and opportunities for tertiary study and career paths. Chat with presenters and peers over light refreshments.

Unlock the science stories of past and present day innovators and change makers through the collections of the State Library. You'll be surprised what you will find.


National Science Week events

Close Encounters - Frontiers of Science
When: Thursday 9 August at 6pm
Where: Hetzel Lecture Theatre, Institute Building

When does science fiction become science fact? Do the two intertwine and meet? Are they contradictory?

The work of scientists has long been fuelled by the imagination of writers. Lasers, robots, rocket ships and atomic power were all described in fiction long before they became a reality. Today, the frontiers of science continue to be inspired by ideas that were first explored in science fiction. From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, invisibility to mind control: you won't believe how much science fiction has become science fact. Refreshments will be available at the event.

Moderated by: Marshall Cowan

Panel members:

  • Stuart Blair, Pop culture historian - Tintin to NASA - Who would have thought?
  • Ben Kid, Australian Submarine Corporation - Submarines to satellites
  • Jade Chantrell, University of Adelaide - Cubesat-Nano space exploration
  • Dave Neudegg, Bureau of Meteorology - Space weather forecasting
Moon rocks, space debris and scientific frontiers
When: Thursday 16 August at 6pm
Where: Hetzel Lecture Theatre, Institute Building
Join Dr Jeanette Dixon as she takes you on a journey into space - and the opportunity to get up close and personal with real life moon rocks! Refreshments will be available.

Upcoming dates

  • 20 September
  • 15 November

Proudly supported by Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, Adelaide University.

Previous events in the series

CANCELLED - 28 June - IGNITION: What's trending in science?

Young faces of science from the University of Adelaide talk about their diverse and fascinating areas of research in an informal conversational event. From understanding animal behaviour and environmental challenges to developing pharmaceutical technology and analysing echidna DNA, a fascinating glimpse into the world of STEM and science.


Tom Chambers, PhD Student (Physics)
Tahlia Perry, PhD Student (Biology)
Timothy Barker, PhD Student (Animal and Veterinary Sciences)
Kathryn Palasis, PhD Student (Chemistry)


17 May - IGNITION: Crunching the numbers - can maths explain everything?

Math is sometimes called the science of patterns, the language of the universe. It's about quantity, structure, space, change, measurement and motion.

15 March - IGNITION: Engineering sports

What do bike helmets, satellite motors and body maps have in common?

Associate Professor Richard Kelso will talk about his work in developing the world's fastest road cycling helmet and the involvement of PhD candidate and engineering honours students. Q&A session will follow the presentation with opportunity for informal conversations.



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