State Library of South Australia

Functions of the Libraries Board

The Board's functions are as follows:

  • to formulate policies and guidelines for the provision of public library services
  • to establish, maintain and expand collections of library materials and, in particular, collections of such materials that are of South Australian origin, or have a particular relevance to this State
  • to administer the State Library
  • to establish and maintain such other public libraries and public library services as may best conduce to the public interest
  • to promote, encourage and assist in the establishment, operation and expansion of public libraries and public library services by councils and others
  • to collaborate with an administrative unit of the Public Service or any other public sector agency (within the meaning of the Public Sector Act 2009) and any other authority and body, in the provision of library and information services
  • to make recommendations to the Minister on the allocation of funds that are available for the purposes of public libraries and public library services
  • to initiate and monitor research and experimental projects in relation to public libraries and public library services
  • to keep library services provided in the State under continuing evaluation and review.
  • to carry out any other functions assigned to the Board under this or any other Act or by the Minister  (Libraries Act 1982, s14 as amended)

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