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The State Library of South Australia is committed to improving the accessibility and usability of its website.

The State Library website has been designed to work well across the majority of popular browsers.

If you are unable to access information from the website, contact and we will try to provide the information to you in a different form.

 World Wide Web Consortium Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliance

The site has been constructed so as to provide the highest level of World Wide Web Consoritum (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliance.

The site meets at least Priority level 1 and in most cases the site also meets levels 2 and 3 compliance.

Low Bandwidth Users

Users in low bandwidth situations can elect to not download graphics and still receive the complete site information and navigation facilities. To achieve this, a user will need to effect changes to their browser configuration.

For example, for the latest Internet Explorer browser version 6.0, the user will need to:

  • select the Tools>Internet Options menu within the browser interface which will launch a popup window.
  • The user then needs to select the Advanced menu option. When the Advanced menu is selected, it will present a series of checkbox options available for the customisation of the browser's configuration.
  • To isolate the presentation of graphics, the user will need to uncheck the option: Show Pictures which is found under Multimedia.
  • Once the box is unchecked the alteration needs to be applied.

 Adjusting text size

The adjustment of text sizes is a function which can be achieved through reconfiguration of a browser's settings. Due to the fact that modern browsers look to the style sheet regarding text sizes and font selection, it is necessary first to tell the browser to ignore these elements when it is building up a webpage for display. If this is not done, the browser cannot override the layout and font size rules which the page template has in place.

For instance, to get the latest IE 6.0 browser to ignore font sizes specified by style sheet, the following process must be followed.:

  • Select the Tools>Internet Options menu within the browser interface which will launch a popup window.
  • The user then needs to select the Accessibility button. This selection will then launch another popup window.
  • Under the Heading of Formatting, the option Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages needs to be checked.
  • Once the browser has been reconfigured, a user can then choose to alter the text size which is presented by the webpage through selection of the desired Text Size option within the View menu of the browser.

Comments and suggestions

We welcome your suggestions and comments on how to make this a better website. Please send us your feedback about our site accessibility and usability.

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