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Disability access

The State Library of South Australia is committed to making its collections, services and events available to all members of the South Australian community.

Some of our special services are listed here, but please ask at the Information Desk or call (08) 8207 7250 if you would like more information about services or access to the library for those with a disability.

Physical access

The Library recognises the special needs of older people and those with disabilities. We provide:

  • a disability parking bay on Kintore Avenue
  • ramps at the entrances to the Institute Building and Spence Wings
  • a monitored bag storage service
  • accessible unisex toilets
  • accessible public enquiry desks
  • wide aisles to accommodate wheelchairs
  • elevators to all floors
  • low tables and elevator buttons
  • Braille signage
  • tactile floor markings and visual evacuation signals.


We also offer services and facilities for disabled customers. In particular, many of our services are available online for those people who cannot visit the library in person.

Available adaptive technology includes:

  • an enhanced access PC for using the State Library catalogues, the Internet, research databases and MS Office features a 17 in monitor, magnification and screen reading program, trackball mouse and IntelliKeyboard
  • a magnifying closed circuit television (CCTV) to increase the text size of books and newspapers. It can also reverse black on white text to assist legibility
  • a handheld scanner that magnifies material onto a large screen television.

Staff at the Information Desk can assist with these facilities. If you need specialist assistance or information, we can refer you to agencies who can help.

Teletypewriter phone

We also have a teletypewriter (TTY) phone for people with hearing or speech impairments to communicate over the phone through typing. The TTY number is (08) 8207 7251.

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