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Refunds or replacement copies are given to customers when they have not received the expected result from the money spent because of a failure of State Library equipment or service.

Refunds or replacement copies are not given when the problem is due to operator error on the part of the customer, or in instances where the customer has disregarded the advice given by a staff member about the likely poor outcome.

Refunds for goods or services that a customer has paid for by credit card will be reimbursed by crediting that same credit card with the amount of the refund.

Refunds less than $50 in value (other than for amounts paid by credit card) may be reimbursed in cash by the Copy Centre, in accordance with the procedures specified on the Refund Form. Refunds greater than $50 (other than for amounts paid by credit card) will be reimbursed by cheque or EFT.

Where a customer has paid for an order by cheque through the mail, a refund cheque or EFT payment can be arranged.

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