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Missing South Australian newspaper at the British Library

Date: 4 January 2011

There has recently been a special connection between the British Library and the State Library of South Australia, resulting in the British Library providing a digitised copy of an interesting early South Australian publication which we had previously not held in our collection.

The British Library's newspaper collections are based on two donated private collections - the 7,200 17th century news books known as the Thomason Tracts and the Burney Collection - 700 volumes of newspapers dated between 1603 and 1818, Collected by the Rev Dr Charles Burney. The latter have been digitised and available by subscription. The State Library subscribes to this as Nineteenth century British newspapers.

The British Library has full sets of London newspapers dating from 1801, and regional and Irish newspapers from the 1840s. The Library has collected newspapers under legal deposit since 1869. Overseas newspapers date back to 1631 but are collected selectively. Among these are a handful of early South Australian titles, and when our specialist newspaper librarian Anthony Laube visited the British Library earlier this year, he identified that  their collection held a copy of the South Australian Satirist of 1868. Anthony was able to negotiate with the British Library to have a digitised copy of this 'missing newspaper' sent to us for adding to our newspaper collection.

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