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Heritage: synopsis of scenes

A copy of the program for Heritage is held in several record groups in the State Library of South Australia, including that of Ellinor Walker and Heather Gell. The progran reproduced here is from the Eillinor Walker papers (PRG 1019/4/17) with permission from The Society of Women Writers (SA Branch) Australia Incorporated.

"The task of portraying a hundred years of history in two and a half hours has necessitated the inclusion of 'highlights' only. Historically a sequence has been maintained in Part 1, but after Foundation, the only possible procedure was to show growth and development by comparison-the beginnings and the present achievement. Even so, a great deal has unfortunately had to be eliminated, or dealt with by brief impression only. Miss Walker has utilised authentic extracts from records and diaries wherever possible in the script.


Scene 1. Justice, Freedom and Fellowship, plus World Spirits, discuss the need of a new land.

Scene 2. A vision of the waiting land. Bush fantasy.

Scene 3. The Spirits call forth the spirit of the new land.



Captain Mathew Flinders Our coastline

Captain Charles Sturt River Murray

Captain Collett Barker Further discoveries

Scene 2. Interlude. The World Spirits review the happenings in England in regard to the founding of South Australia and the departure of the first pioneer ships.

Scene 3 Arrival of the Duke of York at Nepean Bay, Kangaroo Island, July, 1836.

Scene 4 Symbolic interlude in movement depicting the hardships faced by pioneers

Scene 5 The World Spirits introduce Colonel William Light

Scene 6 A vision of Adelaide-Light's Memorial

Scene 7 early morning, December 28th 1936. Gouger sights the Buffalo

Scene 8 Same afternoon. The arrival of Captain John Hindmarsh as first Governor and reading of the Proclamation.



Scene 1 The Dispossessed. A brief composite picture of native life....domestic, art, music and ceremonial, linked together for theatrical impression only, although each detail is as exact as possible. Scene depicts a camp, exit of lubras at sound of bull-roarer, followed by sacred ceremonies

(a) dog ancestors

(b) cat ancestors, and

(c) corroboree movements

Entrance of white soldiers, symbolic only.

Scene 2 Appeal of the Aborigine to Justice and Fellowship

Scene 3 Spirit of South Australia introduces the women pioneers

Scene 4 Women pioneers discuss their experiences

Scene 5 Spirit of South Australia introduces some of her explorers

Scene 6 Victoria Square ... 3 am. Phantom explorers

Scene 7 Spirit of South Australia introduces important events in the 'Joining of the distances', by telegraph, railway and air

Scene 8 The Overland Telegraph

Scene 9 The first railway and now

Scene 10 Air .... Sir Ross Smith and rhythmic movement, showing increasing numbers of aeroplanes and general mechanical progress.


Scene 1 Movement prelude of outback spaces

Scene 2 Freedom introduces the growth of education, legislature and religion

Scene 3 Education. The first school in the state at Kangaroo Island

Scene 4 Education. The present day... procession University faculties and degrees

Scene 5 Legislature

1856 Independent government

1857 The first Parliament

1894 Women gain the vote

1900 Federation of States

Scene 6 Religion (impressionistic)

Scene 7 The shadow of war. Sacrifice. Twice in the history of the State

Scene 8 Introducing natural products

Scene 9 Introducing manufactures and industries

Scenes 10, 11, 12 Primary products, wheat, wool and fruits, and wine

FINALE-A Century ends-A Century Begins.


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