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October 2023 to March 2024
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At National Trust SA properties.

Stangate House

Stangate Garden Open Days

Explore the hidden gem of Stangate Garden, a well-kept secret nestled within the hills. Pack your picnic and indulge in a leisurely day amidst the serene garden backdrop.

The mastermind behind this landscape is Elsie Cornish, a celebrated garden designer renowned for her distinctive use of colors and arrangement. The grounds proudly boast one of Australia’s grandest oak trees, beneath whose branches people have enjoyed picnics for well over a century. Recognised as an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society in 2012, these gardens hold a special place. While spring sees the camellias burst into full bloom, the garden’s enchantment is available to visitors throughout the entire year.

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Beamont House

Beaumont House Open Days

Enjoy a special tour of the house, wander through the beautiful gardens and enjoy afternoon tea on the verandah over-looking the garden, city and gulf.

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