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Saturday 2 July 2022
2 to 3pm
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Tochler House, Eden Hills

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About the presenter

Dr. James Curry is a Lecturer in Architecture the University of Adelaide and is a curator in the ‘Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950-65’

For any questions regarding the event, please reach out to the State Library of South Australia:

Join us for a house tour that aims to bring into view the significant and largely overlooked contribution by architect Vern Tolcher, who’s archive is held at the SLSA. Tolcher's 'glass' house for his parents in Eden Hills was widely celebrated upon its completion. Alongside the homes startling transparency, the house was a demonstration of new ideas of ‘composite construction’ that begun to take hold as a local response to subterranean vulnerability and widespread insecurity of the ground following Adelaide’s earthquake of 1954, the prejudice of the timber home and council regulations.  

Receiving a Bronze Commemorative Medal from The Melbourne Olympic Arts Festival in 1956, the house featured in newspaper articles, timber advertisements and the local SA Chapter promotions and was described by architect John Chappel in his weekly newspaper reporting it as 'The House of 1957’.  Join Dr. James Curry of the University of Adelaide and David Tolcher for this rare opportunity to tour the house.   

This event is offered in conjunction with the exhibition Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950-65, currently on display at the State Library of South Australia.   

Image: SLSA PRG 1558/1

Lust for Lifestyle: Tolcher House Tour

Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950 -1965
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Lust for Lifestyle

Modern Adelaide Homes 1950 -1965

Open 3 December 2021 to 24 July 2022

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