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Digital project
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For any questions regarding the event, please reach out to the Community Learning Team:
Phone: 82077239

As the keeper of the state’s stories, the State Library of South Australia is committed to including voices and experiences of children and young people. You and the learners you work with are invited to take part in a State Library initiative, COVID-19 Through Young Eyes.

About the project

This project invites children and young people across the state to reflect on and create a response that shares their personal experiences during COVID-19. Stories will be published digitally through the State Library’s flickr presence, a safe, moderated space created for children and young people, to share their stories with each other and the broader community.

Two guiding questions frame this project and provide scope for children and young people to respond in many ways:

  1. When you look back on this time in the future what will you remember most? OR
  2. When people of the future look back on this event, what would you want them to know about your life during COVID-19?

Responses might be recorded on paper such as poems, stories, drawings or a painting with an explanation attached, or a short video such as an interview, meme or stop motion animation.

How to get involved 

  1. Email us to express your interest. We will then send you a link to your folder in Dropbox.
  2. Sign up to flickr and create your account: use your name and education email.
  3. Read flickr's TermsPrivacy Policy and Upload Requirements.
  4. Join the COVID-19 Through Young Eyes Group.
  5. Invite and engage learners.
  6. Obtain and submit consent forms for each participant.
  7. Convert responses to digital formats.
  8. Add images and videos to your flickr account.
  9. Share images and videos to the COVID-19 Through Young Eyes Group.

Supporting documentation

All the supporting documentation you need to take part in this project can be found on our website, including:  

We look forward to working with you as we capture the voices and experiences of children and young people through COVID-19.

From your State Library Education Team.

The State Library Education Team