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Monday to Friday
(not including Public Holidays or School Holidays)
Although these are self-guided resources, please book your session.
Two classes can be moving around onsite at the same time.
Up to 30 learners
Onsite visit
Meeting point

Ground Floor, Glass Foyer

Free, bookings essential
Supervision ratios
1:4 Foundation
1:5 Years R to 2
1:6 Years 3 to 6
1:15 Years 7 to 12

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For any questions regarding the event, please reach out to the Events team:
Phone: 7424 6234

These resources have been provided as a tool for you in the exploration of the concepts. You are welcome to use those you see as most closely aligning with your teaching plan. You are welcome to adapt or adopt these suggestions.

We would ask that you complete the surveys attached to the Digital Resource you use, to tell us what you found useful. This will enable us to develop the resources further.

Although this is self-guided please register your visit through the Eventbrite bookings to enable us to manage the spaces.


Welcome Video

This welcome video has been created for year 7 to 12 school students. It provides an overview of the State Library of South Australia's history, collection items, storage facilities, digitisation programs, exhibitions, buildings, study spaces, our Librarians, becoming a member and much more.

Welcome to the State Library of South Australia with Auslan (for years 7 to 12 school students)





We value your feedback. Please could you complete our short survey when you have completed your visit.

How much does an Onsite program cost?

All State Library education programs are free.

All equipment and materials will also be provided by the state Library free of charge.

What do I need to do before I visit?

Access pre-visit information at Plan your Visit (of particular interest is the Metro section - Group Booking for Primary School Groups) and When you Visit.

will assist you in the development of your Excursion Risk Management Plan.

Access pre-visit information for your program from the relevant program page on our website.

What will I need to bring?

Bring all food and drink in a group crate.

Medication may be carried by the adult supervisor in a backpack.

To assist in the building of relationships, teachers, attending adults and students are encouraged to wear name tags.

What technology will I need?

It is recommended that a teacher brings a device to access a QR code reader, survey and relevant links to the catalogue and online resources.

Planning on researching after your program?

Students who wish to continue with research after the program will need to join the State Library and receive a library card before visiting the Library, requesting the card to be mailed to them.

Other useful links include:

Some collection items are in storage but you can request an item to be retrieved from storage via the catalogue before your visit. Find out more about the retrieval service.

What happens on arrival?

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes prior to the time of the booking.
This gives time for students to eat and access toilet facilities located on the ground floor behind the lift or on 1st floor alongside the Treasures Wall.

State Library staff will meet your group at the designated area prior to your program.

A good space to organise groupings with students is in the space next to the Treasures Wall or in the Library forecourt.

Where can we gather if the weather is inclement?

A shelter area is located on the eastern side of the building between the State Library and the Museum's armoury building. Alternatively, gather in the State Library's Hub (Ground Floor).

Where can we eat lunch?

We recommend the State Library forecourt outside the glass entry foyer, the South Australian Museum lawns to the east of the State Library or the lawns next to the Torrens Parade Ground.

How can I provide feedback?

We value your feedback. A link is provided on the webpage for your program linking to a short survey.

How much does a self-guided program cost?

All State Library self-guided resources are provided free of charge and available for download from the website.


What will I need to bring specifically for a self-guided experience?

We recommend that you bring a hard copy of the Self-Guided Resource for each group of students.

What technology will I need?

It is recommended that you bring a device to access the Self-Guided Resource and its embedded links.

How do I use this Self-Guided Resource?

The Guide provides links to all the information you will need to prepare for a safe and enjoyable excursion.

How can I provide feedback?

Please see the feedback link on the program page.


2022 Term 4: October 17 to December 16

Secondary student laptop 097C6921 2018
  • Digital resource

Guide: SACE Research Skills
Digital Resource

What are some of the different types of information sources available? What makes a credible source and why? What credible sources of information could you use for your research?

Search eResources
  • Digital resource

Guide: Search e-Resources
Digital Resource

Some tips on searching eResources which comprise of magazines, newspapers, journals, and e-books.

Search the catalogue for different types of information sources
  • Digital resource

Guide: Search the Catalogue
Digital Resource

Some tips on searching the catalogue for different types of information sources.