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Tuesday to Friday: 9.30 to 10.30am
Tuesday, Friday: 11.30 to 12.30pm

Bookings essential.
Up to 50 learners
Digital visit
Free, no bookings required
About the presenter

Hosted by Maureen Facilitated by Leisel or Sharon

For any questions regarding the event, please reach out to the Community Learning Team:
Phone: 7424 6121

History is made up of many, many stories. My History Online is a program that engages children in examining their own personal stories and histories. Children learn about their State Library to uncover the way collections hold memories. Children will share their histories in preparation for creating their own special memory boxes to capture their unique stories.

Key inquiry questions 

• What is my personal story?
• How is my story the same and different from others?
• What people, events, activities, and places do I care about? Why?

Links with the Australian Curriculum

  • The learning experiences are aligned with the Australian Curriculum for schools, with a particular emphasis on the learning area of Humanities and Social Sciences: History and the general capabilities of literacy, intercultural understanding and critical and creative thinking.
  • Effective Learning principles strongly underpin the learning design.
  • Elements of this program have been co-designed in partnership with children to provide relevant learning experiences that effectively engage young learners.

Pre-visit package


The following video has been created for Kindergarten to year 6 school students. It provides an overview of the State Library of South Australia's buildings and collections. It talks about the stories and memories held and preserved within the collection for current and future generations.

Welcome to the State Library of South Australia with Auslan (for Foundation to year 6 school students)

Post DIGITAL Visit

Please assist us by completing the survey after you have been part of our program.

Educator survey - My History Online 

Learner survey - My History Online

Please ask your students these questions and fill in the answers on the Learner Survey

Telling my history
Memories and true stories can be told and passed on from one person to another. Listening to a person speaking about their history or telling someone your history is one way to share and remember information about people, places and events from different perspectives.  


Recording a memory 

Memories are how we keep information about people, places and events in our brain. The State Library stores lots of memories about people, places and events from all over South Australia. Watch how Jake has recorded and told a special memory from when he was young. 


Recording my history 

People record their memories and histories in many ways. The State Library collects many types of recordings including letters, photographs, maps and sound files. Watch to discover how Ely and Hannah have recorded some of their history using words and drawings on paper. 


Archiving my history 

Objects can help us to remember history. The State Library stores lots of objects that help us remember people, places or events in South Australia. These objects are kept in boxes called archival boxes. Watch how Ely, Hannah and Jake start their own archival boxes. 


MY HISTORY Digital Resource
Explore for further information guides and resources.

Peterborough: Through the eyes of a child
Explore the town that has inspired Phil Cummings’writing from the perspective of children at Peterborough Primary School.


What is the cost of a Digital Visit? 

All State Library Digital Visits are provided free of charge.

Any additional tools and materials required for the session are outlined in the Information for Educator document in the Pre-visit Package on the website.

General information

With most Digital Visits there are accompanying Digital Resources that are provided along with a Guide for deeper learning. Access Guides for each Digital Resource from the program page on the Library website.

What Pre-visit information will we receive?

A confirmation email will be sent from Eventbrite to the person that booked the Digital Visit.

This email will point to a Pre-visit Package that contains Information for the Educator and Information for Accompanying Adults  on the Description tab for each program.
The booking contact person is required to distribute to all the attending educators and accompanying adults associated with the program.

A calendar meeting invitation will also be sent to the contact person and educators listed, closer to the date, with Pre-visit Package documents attached.

Where might I find further resources?

Visit the More to Explore tab on the website page of the program to find further resources and relevant links.

What technology is required for a digital visit?

The SA Government recommended online platform is Microsoft Teams. You will be emailed a link that enables your Digital Visit to be opened in the MS Teams DESKTOP app.

To ensure full functionality of this multimedia-rich session, we recommend that you download Microsoft Teams App to your device rather than relying on Teams via a web browser. 

Participants will require internet access, a web camera, microphone and speakers.

Information, Communications and Technology (ICT)  protocols will be highlighted with all participants at the start of the Digital Visit to ensure safety, access and participation is managed effectively.

Please email us prior to your Digital Visit if you have additional questions regarding ICT requirements.

How can I provide feedback?

We value your feedback and invite you to complete the short surveys attached to the Digital Visit you attend. This will enable us to further develop the programs.

Rabbit fur koala CLRCR  i22543752
  • Digital resource

My History
Digital resource

Access Digital Resources of your State Library to support inquiry into how personal histories and memories can be kept and shared.

Bob the Railway Dog-My Community
  • Digital resource

My community
Digital resource

This Digital Resource invites learners to explore their own community through engagement with State Library resources.

Playful Past Digital Resource - Clockwork Beetle CLRCR i1584642
  • Digital resource

A Playful Past
Digital resource

Access Digital Resources to discover stories about play and explore the historical toys and games from the State Library’s collections.