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Number of public complaints reported

Complaint categories Sub-categories Example Number of Complaints 2019-20
Professional behaviour Staff attitude Failure to demonstrate values such as empathy, respect, fairness, courtesy, extra mile; cultural competency 6
Professional behaviour Staff competency Failure to action service request; poorly informed decisions; incorrect or incomplete service provided 6
Professional behaviour Staff knowledge Lack of service specific knowledge; incomplete or out-of-date knowledge 1
Communication Communication quality Inadequate, delayed or absent communication with customer 3
Communication Confidentiality Customer’s confidentiality or privacy not respected; information shared incorrectly 1
Service delivery Systems/technology System offline; inaccessible to customer; incorrect result/information provided; poor system design 22
Service delivery Access to services Service difficult to find; location poor; facilities/ environment poor standard; not accessible to customers with disabilities 8
Service delivery Process Processing error; incorrect process used; delay in processing application; process not customer responsive 5
Policy Policy application Incorrect policy interpretation; incorrect policy applied; conflicting policy advice given 3
Policy Policy content Policy content difficult to understand; policy unreasonable or disadvantages customer 13
Service quality Information Incorrect, incomplete, out dated or inadequate information; not fit for purpose 3
Service quality Access to information Information difficult to understand, hard to find or difficult to use; not plain English 16
Service quality Timeliness Lack of staff punctuality; excessive waiting times (outside of service standard); timelines not met 1
Service quality Safety Maintenance; personal or family safety; duty of care not shown; poor security service/ premises; poor cleanliness 68
Service quality Service responsiveness Service design doesn’t meet customer needs; poor service fit with customer expectations 3
No case to answer No case to answer Third party; customer misunderstanding; redirected to another agency; insufficient information to investigate 6
    Total 165

Note: the section below is mandated.

Additional Metrics Total
Number of positive feedback comments 217
Number of negative feedback comments 165
Total number of feedback comments 382
% complaints resolved within policy timeframes N/A - No data recorded for this

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