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Risk and audit at a glance

The Board’s Finance and Risk Committee meets quarterly and is responsible for providing advice and making recommendations to the Board on risk policy and strategy, performance against strategic priorities through the effective management of risks, and compliance against laws, regulations, published standards and community expectations of probity, accountability and openness.  The Board’s accounts and internal control framework is audited by the Auditor-General’s Department annually and the Board adopts and implements the Auditors’ recommendations as required.  

Fraud detected in the agency

Category/nature of fraud Number of instances
Nil Nil

NB: Fraud reported includes actual and reasonably suspected incidents of fraud.

Strategies implemented to control and prevent fraud

The Libraries Board through the State Library of South Australia and Public Library Services has a number of strategies in place to control and prevent fraud.

The Finance and Risk Committee review the Financial Management Compliance Program annually; staff comply with the DPC Corruption and Maladministration Policy and DPC Corruption and Maladministration Control Strategy and staff participate in DPC fraud awareness training when it is made available.

Specific risks of fraud are identified in the risk registers of State Library of South Australia and Public Library Services along with strategies to minimise any such risks.

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Public interest disclosure

Number of occasions on which public interest information has been disclosed to a responsible officer of the agency under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018:


View data for previous years.

Note:  Disclosure of public interest information was previously reported under the Whistleblowers Protection Act 1993 and repealed by the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2018 on 1/7/2019.