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Service Improvements resulting from complaints or consumer suggestions over 2019-20

Reviewed and relaxed the no bag policy and provided lockers to allow closure of the cloak room and self-storage of bags and other items.

Improved signage for usage of Library materials and for health improvements during COVID-19 period.

Improved instructions of camera use for photographing collection material within the Somerville Reading Room.

Change to background settings in PLS Library Management System to allow customers to place holds on material during COVID-19 closures and have access to a wider range of resources.

Complaint Outcomes

Nature of complaint or suggestion Services improved or changes as a result of complaints or consumer suggestions
Complaint about the inconsistent Bag Policy and inconvenience of having to check in bags before entering the library. Bag Policy reviewed and relaxed. Cloaking Room closed and bags allowed into general areas of the library. Lockers provided for storage of items before entry to the Somerville Reading Room.
Complaint about newspapers being defaced by other customers. Improved signage displayed requesting customers not to deface library materials, and enhanced vigilance by Security Officers.
Complaint about a customer coughing in public. Signage displayed requesting that customers do not enter the library if they are displaying cold or flu symptoms. 
Complaint about the camera in the Somerville Reading Room not operating correctly. The camera was recalibrated and clearer instructions provided as to its use.
Complaint to PLS about objectification of women displayed via PressReader magazine cover pages. Whilst there was not a service improvement possible, PLS responded to the patron with ALIA’s Free Access Information Statement that affirms Freedom can be protected in a democratic society only if individuals have unrestricted access to information and ideas.
Complaint related to COVID-19 closures as a patron could not access new material for her children. The remediation was to change a setting in the background of the Library Management System to allow customers to place holds during COVID-19 closures and access a wider range of resources.