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Wine cask graphic design by Wytt Morro, 1968. SLSA: BRG 233/3/2/23/1

Designing the Angove's 'handy gallon pack' wine cask

The stories that make us.

Wytt Morrô was one of Australia's most important graphic designer of wine labels. His labels for Stonyfell Metala and Orlando Barossa Pearl in the 1950s...

Art, design, fashion History Innovation
Watch the talk: Shame, shock and awful strife

Shame, Shock and Awful Strife in the Holy Village

The stories that make us.

Hear how a lady writer and a fiery preacher raised a ruckus in the City of Churches. You'll discover tales of lavish lifestyles, a riot...

Biography Hotels and pubs Stories on-demand
Orlando Winery, pink Barossa Pearl wine labels

It pops! It bubbles! - How Barossa Pearl changed wine drinking in Australia

The stories that make us.

The Barossa Valley has long been famous for its exceptional wines, but did you know it is also the birthplace of a wine that changed...

Art, design, fashion History
The Farmers' Union exhibition at the Adelaide Royal Show, 1938. SLSA: B 78620/9

Tasty treasures at the Royal Adelaide Show

The stories that make us.

The Royal Adelaide Show holds cherished memories for many South Australians. From riding a tractor for the first time to watching cattle being judged or...

History Innovation