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Book cover - Madam Tussauds book of victorian masks - featuring Raphael Tuck face masks

Which character will you be?

Raphael Tuck Face Masks

Here are some fun masks that are a bit more jovial than the medical ones we’ve all been using lately. The history behind the masks...

A crop of page 11 of Burton's Whaling Journal

Whaling Voyage Journal from 1830s - a significant find

The stories that make us

Little did our research librarians know that a suggested change to an item description on our Digital Collections website would lead to such a significant...

Behind the scenes History Shipping
Brewster Jones Quiz 1905

A family musical heritage

The stories that make us

When researching material for our exhibition Beyond the stage : aspects of performing arts in South Australia, 1914–1936 connections were made between the South Australia...

Art, design, fashion Biography History
Scotch Thsitle B 1544

Constables before the court

The stories that make us

The Cathedral robbed by policemen! The Cathedral Hotel that is... View the following extract as reported in The Advertiser, Thursday 17 October 1918, page 7...

Crime and infamy Hotels and pubs
SA Clubhouse Hotel, 1926

Diamonds Lost and Recovered

The stories that make us

A busy day for the publican of the SA Clubhouse Hotel at Port Adelaide in 1926. 'SAVED FROM DEATH RESCUED IN PORT RIVER Diamonds Lost...

History Hotels and pubs