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Telegraph Office located in King William St, Adelaide, circa 1872. SLSA: B 8026

How the Overland Telegraph Line changed journalism in South Australia

The stories that make us

The biggest changes brought about by the completion of the Overland Telegraph were within the newspaper industry. The ability to receive almost instantaneous news from...

History Innovation
Coloured version of the stetck by Babbage of Camp Ockindean Flat, with an illustration of the OTL across the landscape. SLSA: PRG 404/19/3/64

‘Kookaburra sits on the telegraph wire…’

The stories that make us

How did Australian children experience the Overland Telegraph Line? The State Library has delved into the collections and discovered a story that explores the Australian...

Children History Innovation
Our princesses and their dogs

Honouring Her Majesty

With the loss of Queen Elizabeth II after a reign of 70 years we look back at her role in the South Australian community including...

Heroes of the skies, Ross and Keith Smith exhibition

Heroes of the Skies

The stories that make us

Discover the amazing story of the England to Australia air race of 1919, won by two of South Australia’s favourite sons, Captain Ross and Lieutenant...

Biography History
Flying over Adelaide, 1914. B 285_crop

Sensational end of a magnificent flight

Englishman Arthur Jones had undertaken flights in other parts of Australia before venturing to Adelaide to thrill us with the magic of powered flight. He...

History Innovation
Port Adelaide, 1890. B 4414

An unsuspecting countryman

The British Hotel on North Parade holds the oldest 'most continuous' licence in Port Adelaide. Established in 1847, with James Wakeling as the first publican...

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