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Port Adelaide, 1890. B 4414

An unsuspecting countryman

The British Hotel on North Parade holds the oldest 'most continuous' licence in Port Adelaide. Established in 1847, with James Wakeling as the first publican...

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Littering. It isn't worth the shame of a $20 fine. Poster circa. 1980

Signs of the times

The stories that make us

Since antiquity, the practice of posting up hand-drawn public notices has been a major source of communication. Even in the internet age, posters continue to...

Imperial Hotel, 1957. SLSA: PRG 1662/9/59

Gunman robs city hotels

It was an eventful afternoon in Adelaide one Thursday in October 1952. Port Pirie Recorder, 17 October 1952, p1 Oriental Hotel, corner Gawler Place and...

Architecture Crime and infamy History Hotels and pubs

Tiny Appeals to Patriotism and the Heart

The stories that make us

Badge sellers were once a regular sight in cities and towns across Australia. During and after the Great War (World War One) the sale of...

Rocket Range protest meeting folder. SLSA: PRG 387/1/8/1

Dr Charles Duguid: a pioneer of the Reconciliation movement

The stories that make us

This year the theme of National Reconciliation Week is ‘Be brave. Make change.’ The State Library of South Australia has many personal records of people...