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Since the first public website was published 25 years ago, there has been an explosion of digital content - from supercomputers exploring the universe to Facebook posts with friends. In a world where so much of our lives is captured online, how do we make sense of all that information and make sure it isn't lost to future generations?

Born Digital 2016 explores the questions around collecting and preserving digital content through a series of fascinating online interviews with expert speakers. Join us for five days of discussion and debate as we examine the technical, social and philosophical questions of our digital lives.

Day 1 Science and space with Dr Alan Duffy

Day 1: Science & space

Monday 8 August, with Dr Alan Duffy.

Astronomy in the 21st century produces vast quantities of complex data. What do we do with this volume and how do we make sense of it?


Day 2 Indigenous voice with Dr Rachael Ka'ai-Mahuta

Day 2: Indigenous voices

Tuesday 9 August, with Dr Rachael Ka'ai-Mahuta.

What role can digital technology play in the preservation of Indigenous cultures in a postcolonial world?


Day3 Truth and history with John Birmingham

Day 3: Truth & history

Wednesday 10 August, with John Birmingham.

How would our world today be understood 100 years from now if these millions of diverse voices were lost?


D4 Digital lifestyles with Dr Rebecca Huntley

Day 4: Digital lifestyles

Thursday 11 August, with Dr Rebecca Huntley.

How would we feel if we lost those electronic records, and what impact would that have on our personal and collective history?


Day 5 Play with Bajo and Hex

Day 5: Play

Friday 12 August, with Steven O'Donnell (Bajo) and Stephenie Bendixsen (Hex).

What games do we play today and what do they say about us? How can we preserve these games and our social interactions with them, and why is this important?


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FREE EVENT: Preserving your digital memories

Thursday 11 August, 6 to 7:30pm @ the Hetzel Lecture Theatre, State Library of SA

Preserving your digital information is a concept that most people have little experience with. Get guidance on how to preserve your "born digital" memories, and keep them alive and accessible for future generations. 


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