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Date: 14 October 2016

Our spring edition is bursting with new buds of information about our programs, exhibitions and collections. From our education programs about World War 1 diggers to transcribing tales of a book loving wine aficionado, and a penny-farthing champion of South Australia there is something for everyone.

13th Century Antiphonal
13th Century Antiphonal

After we delved into our collections to bring some of the State's colourful characters to life, we turned our attention to capturing South Australian's involvement in a war where emotions still run deep. We invited South Australians involved in the Vietnam War to consider sharing their personal items and memorabilia of the war. The conversations shared and personal items donated to the Library ensure the stories and sacrifices made are not lost and are available for future generations.

Today so much of our life is captured online in digital photos, emails, websites or through social media. As the collector and preserver of the State's history this presents a new set of challenges in terms of preserving our digital memories. In August we joined other libraries across Australia and New Zealand in Born Digital 2016 and explored how to preserve our digital memories for future generations.

Highlighting the diversity in our collections, I'm thrilled that we can share with you some of our favourite treasures from the collections in our latest exhibition - A few of our favourite things. My personal favourite is the glorious Antiphonal. It brings together in one object so many different aspects of the State Library's collections. Words - spoken, sung and chanted - beauty, the bookmaker's arts, superb illustrations, exquisite writing, music, ritual, community, faith and history. Viewing it brings us close to the world of the 13th century, a bridging of the past and the present.

As the sun finally nudges out from behind the dark storm clouds, and the spring buds bloom into leaves and flowers, we look forward to welcoming you to the Library on your next visit.

Alan Smith
Director, State Library of South Australia

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