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From its earliest beginnings in 1861, the State Library has gone through many transformations but our primary purpose has remained relatively unchanged – to gather, protect and share publications of value to the South Australian community. It is how we gather, protect and share that evolves with time. With this in mind, it was time to look at how we present ourselves to the South Australian community and the world beyond.

With the guidance of experts we looked deeply at what made us unique and why we exist. From this work we came up with a new brand, including a new statement about your State Library and what it does, tag line, logo and colour palette.

The brand manifesto, or statement about what we do, is:

  • The State Library of South Australia is where our stories come alive. A place where we reflect upon our identities, preserve our memories, and gather our knowledge.
  • Where diverse voices spanning the history of this land speak through significant collections, including unique South Australian materials.
  • By listening to them, we come to understand the thoughts that built our society, that challenged it and that continue to change it.
  • Engaging with today’s communities reminds us of the relevance of yesterday, encouraging connection with our past and appreciation of the many people who shaped our ways of life. Personal research uncovers the unknown and family histories shine a light on our origins.
  • Our stories from across time can empower the choices of our present and enlighten the possibilities of tomorrow. They guide us with the lessons of countless lifetimes and spur us to share our own lives for those yet to come.
  • Storytelling is universal to the human experience, so to discover the many dimensions of who we are and who we will become, the State Library of South Australia tells the stories that make us.

Our new tag line, or what is technically called brand positioning, connects our collections and community:

The stories that make us.

Inspiration for the new logo and colour palette were taken from the Library’s Mortlock Wing. Learn more about the inspiration and history behind the new logo and colours