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If you loved the Our Footy, Our People, Our Stories exhibition, you might enjoy the following books on Australian Rules Football are available in SA’s public libraries.

Don't forget to Design your own Footy team uniform!


Search for more books to borrow on the public libraries catalogue:

Books for Young Readers

SANFL F is for Footy.jpg
SANFL Why I Love Footy.jpg
Going to the Footy.jpg
F is for Footy, S is for Speccy
Tom Jellett
Why I Love Footy
Michael Wagner
Going to the Footy
Debbie Coombes
SANFL My Mum Loves Footy.jpg
SANFL Kick With My Left Foot.jpg
SANFL Ozzy Rules.jpg
My Mum Loves Footy
Heath McKenzie
Kick With My Left Foot
Paul Seden and Karen Briggs
Ozzy Rules! (Little Legends) Nicole Hayes
SLSA Japarrika Rises.jpg
Speccytacular AFL Stories.jpg
SANFL The Unstoppable Flying Flanagan.jpg
Japarrika Rises
Tiwi College Alalinguwi
Speccy-tacular AFL Stories Adrian Beck etc. The Unstoppable Flying Flanagan
Felice Arena
SANFL Specky Magee.jpg
SANFL AFLW Super Skills.jpg
Specky Magee
Felice Arena and Garry Lyon
AFLW Super Skills: Learn to play the game you love! AFL
David Rafferty

Books for Adults

SANFL Aussie Rules Football.jpg
SANFL Australia's Game.jpg
SANFL Aussie Rules.jpg

Aussie Rules Football: An outsider’s perspective
Don Warner

Australia’s Game: The history of Australian football
Matthew Nicholson

Aussie Rules: The glory years
Francis Doherty

SANFL Play On.jpg
SANFL Destiny.jpg
SANFL Black Crow.jpg

Play On: The hidden history of Women’s Australian Rules Football
Brunette Lenkic

Norman Ashton

Black Crow: The Andrew McLeod story
Geoff Kingston

SANFL The End of the Game.jpg
SANFL Roar.jpg
SANFL Legends of the Australian Football Hall of Fame.jpg

The End of the Game
Michael Fiddian

Roar: The stories behind AFLW - - a movement bigger than sport
Samantha Lane

Legends of the Australian Football Hall of Fame
Bruce Eva

SANFL Carn.jpg
Footy Grounds to Grandstands.jpg
Footy Banners.jpg

Carn: The game and the country that plays it
Andew Mueller

Footy Grounds to Grandstands
Sam Duncan

Footy Banners: A complete run-through
Leigh Mayrick