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Cornucopia: Gardens and gardening in South Australia


The stories that make us.

Step into a world of blooming beauty and historical wonder at Cornucopia: gardens and gardening in South Australia. Immerse yourself in South Australia's rich gardening...

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Watch the talk: Departed spirits, lost pubs of Adelaide

Departed Spirits: Lost pubs of Adelaide

The stories that make us.

Explore the history of Adelaide pubs that were once vibrant, bustling places but are now silent witnesses to the past. Known as the city of...

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A section of the book covers for Stranger on Lesbos, by Valerie Taylor.

Open books, hidden lives

The stories that make us.

The South Australian Mechanics Institute opened in 1839. In 1844 the South Australian Subscription Library was formed and took over their book stock. This became...

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Watch the talk: Young Rupert's Paper Trail

Young Rupert's Paper Trail: Succession, seditions, and power in 1950s Adelaide

The stories that make us.

We invited journalist Walter Marsh to piece together the story of young Rupert Murdoch’s early battles against Adelaide’s conservative establishment. He explores how these formative...

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Interior of the Burra Hall set up for a dinner with five Cheer Up workers standing by. SLSA: SRG 6/34/14

The Cheer Ups and Mrs Seager

The stories that make us.

Alexandra Seager ran a small but successful business in the city of Adelaide during World War I, providing household help and workers for homes and...

Chinese buffalo cart hauling bamboo in a wagon, 1920. SLSA: B 23016

The 'Celestials' in South Australia

The stories that make us.

South Australia and China have shared some fascinating history. In centuries past, the Emperor of China was known as the Son of Heaven and so...

Watch the talk 'An endurance of trees'

An endurance of trees

The stories that make us.

Trees have always provided humankind with food, shelter, timber, and respite from summer heat. Over millennia, they have also served as community meeting places and...

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Kate Boadicea Cocks, South Australia's first police woman, born at Moonta. Photo taken approximately 1936. SLSA: B10886

Kate Cocks: South Australia's first policewoman

The stories that make us

Kate Cocks was an amazing woman who devoted her life to helping women and children to escape violence and abuse. Read on to find out...

The Woolcock family, SLSA: B 12311. cropped version.

Elizabeth Woolcock – murderer or victim?

The stories that make us.

In September 1873 in Moonta, Thomas Woolcock died slowly from mercury poisoning. His wife, Elizabeth Woolcock, was convicted of his murder and became the only...

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Watch the migrant family stories between the wars talk

Migrant family stories between the wars

The stories that make us.

Hear stories of strength, resilience and longevity of a group of migrants from the Italian region of Veneto who settled in the western suburbs of...

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'Miss Mary Augusta Schippan, charged with the murder of her sister Bertha' . Photograph published in 'The Critic' newspaper on 18 January 1902. SLSA: B 75311/7

Who killed Bertha Schippan?

The stories that make us.

On New Year’s Night 1902, Bertha Schippan was brutally murdered on an isolated farm in the north-east of Adelaide. She was fourteen years old. Her...

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Simpson washers in display window of a store, c1950. SLSA: BRG 9/36/216 

From silk hats to white goods

The stories that make us.

The locally made Simpson automatic washing machine eased the burden of weekly duties for South Australian housewives when it was first produced in the 1940’s...

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Watch the talk: In plain sight - Twentieth-century LGBTIQA+ writers in our collection

In plain sight: Twentieth century LGBTIQA+ writers in our collections

The stories that make us.

Learn what a recent unusual discovery, by one of our long-term volunteers, tells us about twentieth-century LGBTIQA+ writers in our collections. It was revealed that...

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Lust for Lifestyle, Modern Adelaide Homes 1950 to 1965

Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950–1965

The stories that make us.

Lust for Lifestyle: Modern Adelaide Homes 1950–1965 offers insights into how a generation of post-Word War II homeowners embraced modern family homes, designed by architects...

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An Edison Fireside Phonograph (combination type), Model A, serial number 21970. SLSA: D 8827/13(Misc)

Voices captured in wax: digitising wax cylinder recordings from 1901

The stories that make us.

Wax cylinders were the earliest, commercially available, sound recording and sound playback format. They were invented by Thomas Edison in 1877 and later commercialised in...

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South Park Football Club, 1879. SLSA: B 10436

THE SANFL clubs that have hung up the boots

In June 2022 the State Library held an exhibition in partnership with the South Australian National Football League (SANFL) History Centre. Our footy, our people...

Watch the talk: Sowing, Mowing and Growing

Sowing, Mowing and Growing

The stories that make us.

Take you for a stroll through South Australian gardens from colonisation to the 1930s. Early gardening emphasised subsistence but British landscaping styles were soon introduced...

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Wine cask graphic design by Wytt Morro, 1968. SLSA: BRG 233/3/2/23/1

Designing the Angove's 'handy gallon pack' wine cask

The stories that make us.

Wytt Morrô was one of Australia's most important graphic designer of wine labels. His labels for Stonyfell Metala and Orlando Barossa Pearl in the 1950s...

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Watch the talk: Shame, shock and awful strife

Shame, Shock and Awful Strife in the Holy Village

The stories that make us.

Hear how a lady writer and a fiery preacher raised a ruckus in the City of Churches. You'll discover tales of lavish lifestyles, a riot...

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Orlando Winery, pink Barossa Pearl wine labels

It pops! It bubbles! - How Barossa Pearl changed wine drinking in Australia

The stories that make us.

The Barossa Valley has long been famous for its exceptional wines, but did you know it is also the birthplace of a wine that changed...

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