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Telegraph Office located in King William St, Adelaide, circa 1872. SLSA: B 8026

How the Overland Telegraph Line changed journalism in South Australia

The stories that make us

The biggest changes brought about by the completion of the Overland Telegraph were within the newspaper industry. The ability to receive almost instantaneous news from...

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Coloured version of the stetck by Babbage of Camp Ockindean Flat, with an illustration of the OTL across the landscape. SLSA: PRG 404/19/3/64

‘Kookaburra sits on the telegraph wire…’

The stories that make us

How did Australian children experience the Overland Telegraph Line? The State Library has delved into the collections and discovered a story that explores the Australian...

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Stories from the stacks

Great Air Race of 1919: Curator talks

The stories that make us.

Watch episodes of Stories from the Stacks featuring items from the Sir Ross and Keith Smith collection. Presented by Carolyn Spooner, Librarian at the State...

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