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Watch the Debs, Dobs and Doodles talk

Debs, dobs and doodles

The stories that make us.

Something to warm the cockles in the depths of winter. Three presenters put three quirky topics under the spotlight to reveal the diversity of State...

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Josiah Symon cropped

Sir Josiah Symon: barrister, benefactor, bibliophile and bon vivant

The stories that make us.

Sir Josiah Symon was the most prominent barrister in late 19th and early 20th century South Australia. He was an influential state and federal politician...

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Watch the Art and Craft of taxidermy talk

Art and craft of taxidermy

The stories that make us.

Taxidermy was part of the 19th century interest in natural science sparked by discoveries of scientists such as Charles Darwin. It became something of a...

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 Image of the West End Brewery, photograph taken by Toby Woolley.

The West End Brewery archive

The stories that make us.

When the gates closed at the West End Brewery site in Adelaide in June 2021, the State Library received a donation offer for the business...

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