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Bags in the library

Lockers are available for customers using the Somerville Reading Room to store personal bags. The lockers are located near the entrance to the Reading Room.

All other bags can be taken into library spaces with security monitoring as per the following:

The Library reserves the right to exclude or impose additional checks where baggage is deemed to be excessively large; containing items not permitted on Library premises; or a risk to health and safety.

Behaviour in the library

We ask that our customers follow these behaviour guidelines.

Our staff follow the State Library's service charter.

Camera use in the library

Customers of the State Library are welcome to take photographs of the general interior of the three buildings for personal use. For example, a photograph of yourself taken in front of the Treasures Wall for a private photo album.

To avoid disturbance to other users, flash photography is not allowed past the main security entrance.

Please view the following conditions of use:

If you are planning on publishing images of the State Library buildings or some items of the collection, you may need to seek permission to publish.

Community information - distribution and display

Yes, the State Library displays a limited amount of general interest community information which is made available to the public. 

But there are rules about what can and can’t be displayed, for details please read the State Library’s Community Information (distribution and display) Policy.

Where do I leave or send community information?

You can either leave the community information at the Information Desk, or mail it to:

State Library of South Australia
GPO Box 419
Adelaide SA 5001

Once we have decided whether we can display the information, you will be notified of the outcome.

Disability and accessibility

We are committed to making our collections, services and events available to all members of the South Australian community. View some of our accessible services.

Food and drinks in the library

Food and drink may be consumed in the ground floor and Treasures Wall areas of the Spence Wing.

Bottled water with spill-proof lids may be used throughout the library, including beyond the security gates in the Spence Wing.

Due to preservation requirements of the State Library's collection, no food or drinks (including bottled water) are permitted in the Somerville Reading Room or the Symon Library.

Authorised catered functions are exempt.

Lost property

The State Library does not take responsibility for the safety and security of personal belongings left in the library or the Cloak Room by customers. Customers bringing personal items into the State Library do so at their own risk.

Items found by, or handed into library staff are kept at the Security/Cloak Room. Where the items contain any contact details, staff will make every effort to contact the owner to let them know their items have been found.

Sensitive items such as driver's licences, credit cards or Medicare cards are returned to the Motor Vehicles Registration, financial authority, or Medicare office should the owner not be located.

Unclaimed items are disposed of after one month.

Mobile phones and devices

Power points are provided at tables and wall benches on level 1 and at various points in the building complex for the use of personal electrical equipment including laptop computers.

People using such equipment anywhere in State Library buildings are advised not to leave these items unattended as we accept no responsibility for their loss or damage. It is the responsibility of the equipment owner to ensure that any electrical items used are appropriately maintained and safe to use.

The State Library does not provide charging cables, customers must provide their own.