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The State Library of South Australia is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our customers and staff, both onsite and online.

In keeping with the Libraries Regulations 2013, under the Libraries Act 1982, customers are free to use our resources as long as they behave in a reasonable manner and do not interfere with another customer’s reasonable enjoyment of the State Library. Examples of behaviour which is deemed unreasonable or likely to interfere with another’s reasonable enjoyment of the Library include:

  • Acts of aggression, verbal abuse and derogatory, racist, or grossly defamatory remarks.
  • Rude, confronting and/or threatening interactions.
  • Threats of harm to self or others, threats with a weapon or threats to damage property including bomb threats.
  • Stalking (in person or online).
  • Defacing Library property, or deliberately causing Library equipment to become inoperable.
  • Having an excessively large bag, or number of bags, which may cause a trip hazard or restrict the movements of others.
  • Sleeping in areas which may cause a hazard or restrict the movements of others
  • Making excessive noise so as to interrupt others.
  • Having unacceptable personal hygiene that may cause a potential health and safety issue for other customers or staff.

The State Library of South Australia has a zero tolerance policy towards any harm, abuse or threats directed towards State Library staff.

Customers in non-compliance with the Libraries Regulations 2013 and that display any of the unreasonable behaviour listed above may be asked to leave the precinct for the day. Repeated or severe instances of unreasonable behaviour may lead to a longer-term ban from the State Library precinct.

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