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The State Library of South Australia is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for all our customers, both onsite and online. 

Any unsociable behaviour displayed towards another customer or a member of staff (such as inappropriate language, harassment, aggression, or disrupting other customers), is not acceptable and contravenes the Libraries Regulations 2013under the Libraries Act 1982

Customers are also expected to meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene and dress, in the interests of your health and safety and the interests of other customers using the library facilities. Customers who do not comply with the Libraries Regulations whilst in the State Library may be asked to leave the State Library precinct for the day. Ongoing or more severe inappropriate behaviour may lead to a longer-term ban from the precinct. 

When communicating with the State Library online, please treat staff with respect and courtesy. Emails or online forms containing inappropriate language will not be answered.

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