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Do you have community information that you'd like to display or make available to the public at the State Library?

Community Information Policy

The State Library displays a limited amount of general interest community information which is made available to the public. We decide what can and can't be displayed using the following criteria:

We CAN display

  • Promotional leaflets and brochures for arts, literary and cultural events.
  • Educational programs, seminars and information (TAFE, WEA, Tertiary institutions, State Library-related interest groups).
  • Health, legal and environmental information.
  • Government services information.
  • Adelaide Review and City Messenger newspapers.
  • Seniors information.

We CAN'T display

  • Personal and commercial advertising, including personal notices.
  • Information that criticises the Government of the day or government agencies.
  • Political and electioneering material.
  • Posters.
  • Material that is defamatory, obscene and/or offensive.

Where do I leave or send community information?

You can either visit us and leave the community information at the Information Desk, level 1 Spence Wing, or mail it to:

State Library of South Australia
GPO Box 419
Adelaide SA 5001

Once we have decided whether we can display the information, you will be notified of the outcome.