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Due to COVID-19 regulations computers will be spread out to help with physical distancing. A reduced number of computers will be available for customers with a State Library card, at first for 1 hour per day.

Find out what has changed by reading the State Library reopening FAQs.

Bring your own device and use free WIFI 

Free wifi is available at the State Library via the StateLibrary-Free network.

Book a library computer

  • Book by phone: 8207 7250
  • Book in person at the Information Desk.

You'll need a State Library card to book a computer. Don't have one? Join the State Library.

What you can do with our computers

We have computers available which offer a range of options for your needs:

  • search our catalogues
  • use our Research or Family History computers that provide access to our Family History databases
  • spend time on your own personal studies
  • access the Internet, check your email or perhaps visit your favourite social networking sites
  • bring along and use your own USB device or flash drive 
  • access our self-serve digital scanners
  • use one of our specially designated English Language learning software computers.

Time limits

Time limits apply for most State Library computers:

  • Express computers are limited to half an hour.
  • Other computers may be booked for up to two hours per day.
  • There is no limit to search State Library catalogue computers.
  • For equitable access to computers for all users, there is a total limit of 2 hours per day per person.

Using a computer without booking

We offer some computers which provide access to our catalogue and website only. These may be used without booking.

Computer usage conditions

Please read and adhere to the State Library's Computer usage conditions for computers and internet access.