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The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (NFSA) is Australia's 'living' archive – the custodian of over 2.8 million items that they not only collect but preserve for future generations and share in many diverse ways.

The NFSA has offices in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne, and Access Centre partners in Australia's other capital cities.

The State Library is the NFSA's Access Centre for South Australia. We have a small selection of NFSA collection items onsite, largely dealing with SA topics.

Access the State Library’s NFSA collection

Search the State Library catalogue for 'National Film and Sound Archive Australia' or by individual title.

Access the rest of the NFSA collection

If the State Library doesn't have the NFSA collection item you require, you can contact the NFSA to make an access request and have the item sent here for viewing. Once your request has been processed by NFSA, State Library staff will contact you when the item has arrived and is available for use.

Search the NFSA Collection or visit the NFSA website for instructions.

Additional advice and assistance from NFSA collection staff is available to researchers, students and others seeking to use collection items for new productions, exhibitions and research.

Note: NFSA access materials, including items available onsite, are available for use at the State Library only - unless special permission is granted by NFSA. 

Explore the NFSA collection online

Film crew and artists making the film 'Painting' [PRG 919/11/221/1]

NFSA Films

The NFSA Films YouTube channel presents a selection of full titles from the NFSA's collection and the Film Australia Collection of government produced documentaries. 

National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) YouTube channel

NFSA website

The NFSA website has hundreds of themed curated collections featuring  Australia's history, personalities, Indigenous peoples and including a selection of Australia's favourite films, TV shows and musicians. There is something for everyone, and hours of content to explore. 

A still from NSFA's youtube playlist - Adelaide South Australia

NFSA's South Australian playlist

Adelaide South Australia. Festivals, trains, salt! Not just a city of churches.