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The State Library of South Australia has always held the position of custodian and preserver of the State’s stories. Through this the identity of who we are and how we live as South Australians is captured for future generations to see and learn from.

Seeing how people are adapting to COVID-19, how they are communicating with friends, family and work colleagues as well as what they are feeling and seeing as important during this time will allow future generations to understand more about South Australian life, its people, culture and ability to adjust to such significant events. The State Library of South Australia has just launched Remember my story - COVID-19.

This initiative allows the South Australian public to submit their story through two online platforms, including:

  • Remember my story - COVID-19 Facebook page - that provides a social platform where South Australians can share some of the changes to their lives during COVID-19 
  • Digital Collections platform - that allows you to upload examples of changes to your home, workplace and leisure time through either video, audio, photographs, illustrations or written documents to be considered as part of a future COVID-19 Collection.

State Library Director Geoff Strempel said:

“In such a short timeframe our worlds have changed very quickly, and in quite unexpected ways. Our identity as a state has been revealed in our willingness to adapt, connect, help others and meet the challenges of COVID-19. As a memory institution we want to capture this, as it will be our legacy for future generations to learn from.”

The Digital Collections platform provides members of the public the opportunity to be part of history by uploading audio, photographic and video files and written documents that capture their life’s changes. The site provides a comprehensive list of suggested subject matter that the State Library is looking to collect as part of its COVID-19 Collection.

“The ability to collect digitally has provided us a massive opportunity to build and preserve our collection with greater immediacy and in turn create a collection that can be utilised not only for future reference but also as content for future exhibitions and education programs across different mediums. Both platforms provide a wonderful opportunity for anyone to contribute either socially or formally and help share history”

Mr. Strempel said.

Both the ‘Remember my story - COVID-19’ platforms are live and ready for all South Australians to contribute to by visiting and


Neil Charter
Team Leader Marketing
State Library of South Australia
Mobile: 0468 548 804