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Anne Marie is one of our Customer Contact Team, and has been missing work since the State Library doors were temporarily closed in March. Anne Marie decided if she couldn’t go to work physically, she’d go there through her art, so she started work on her entry to the  Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project 2020. Her theme is ‘Images from my workplace at the Library’. 

Anne Marie’s sketches include colleagues, books, self-portrait, collection items and much more, all from memory as she sits at home. Thank you to Anne Marie for sharing her sketches. Here she tells us about what inspired the work:

Self portrait sketch by Anne Marie Sinclair

“This is a self-portrait and where I sit, draw and currently work.”

Sketch of the book 'Loneliness' by Anne Marie Sinclair

“The ‘loneliness’ book I found on a chair as I was tidying the library one Sunday and was fascinated by it. I thought it so fitting at this time as we are all so isolated due to COVID-19 restrictions.”

Sketch of 'Australian fishes' originally by J.B. Emery, by Anne Marie Sinclair

“I have completed a sketch from the State Library collection of the 'Australian fishes' by J.B. Emery in 1840. My reason for the fishes was to show how beautiful some of the online items are in our collection.”

'Tonia' a portrait sketch by Anne Marie Sinclair

"’Tonia' is a homage to one of my favourite librarians from the Customer Contact Team and apparently I have made her mother immensely happy.”

Anne Marie is continuing to work on more sketches of customers and things that take her interest as she reflects on her days spent in the State Library. She encourages everyone to get their pencils out and have a go at drawing.

The Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project started in 2006 and now has over 50,000 sketchbooks from 30,000 different global creative people, and is one of the largest collection of sketchbooks in the world. You can take part in the project or have a look at the sketchbooks by visiting The Sketchbook Project – Volume 16.