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Thanks to the fundraising efforts of local South Australian community groups, there are now another 27,222 precious South Australian newspaper pages available in Trove.

Hot off the scanners, the State Library of South Australian partnership with Trove has recently made available the following South Australian newspapers. To explore the editions of each publication on Trove, click on the below links, then click on the green graph shown to select a year.

Thanks to Kay Leverett of Blackwood, formerly a senior subject specialist at the University of Adelaide’s Barr Smith Library for funding these editions. Leverett also sponsored The Blackwood Magazine which is now available in Trove's Magazines section:

Front page of The Coromandel newspaper

Front page of The Coromandel Times newspaper

Front page of The Blackwood Magazine

The Coromandel
(Blackwood, SA: 1945-1970)
The Coromandel times
(Blackwood, SA: 1970-1976)
The Blackwood magazine
(Blackwood, SA: 1914)

Thanks to the Port Lincoln History Group for funding these editions:

Front page of the Port Lincoln Tumby Bay - West Coast Recorder newspaper

Front page of The West Coast Recorder newspaper

Front page of The Prospector newspaper

Port Lincoln, Tumby and West Coast recorder
(Port Lincoln, SA: 1904-1909)
West Coast recorder
(Port Lincoln, SA: 1909-1942)
The Prospecter
(Fitzroy, SA: 1978-1984)

Before we could add The Coromandel and The Prospecter we required copyright clearances for their post-1954 issues.

To track copyright ownership for The Coromandel we looked on and found a family tree owner who helped us determine that The Coromandel is an orphan work due to the family circumstances of the owner/editor Donald Norman Flower who died in 1997.

An orphan work is where the copyright owner either cannot be identified or cannot be located to ask permission to use the work.

The Prospect Local History Group were able to contact a co-founder of The Prospecter who responded:

I am delighted that you are taking this step to preserve and make more accessible the paper's wit, whimsy and community commentary.

The formal publishing body (Prospect Information Assoc Inc) no longer exists but I imagine all who were involved with the paper would be thrilled to hear of the initiative and lend their ready agreement.

There are more community funded South Australian titles in the pipeline, so keep an eye out on the State Library of South Australia’s website or socials.

Written by Beth Robertson, Manager Preservation