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Ready to read and reference!

Our Research Library is full of reference books ready for you to browse and explore.

We regularly add new books to the shelves in the State Library which are searchable and browsable in the State Library Catalogue.

The books we collect support personal research across multiple disciplines and in areas of contemporary interest. As the primary collector of South Australian published material, we also hold a full range of books about South Australia and by South Australian authors.

The following are some of the most recent additions to the shelves.

Think Talk Create
chronic care nursing
wild mushrooming

Think talk create:
building workplaces
fit for humans

David Brendel and Ryan Stelzer
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Chronic care Nursing:
a framework for practice
Linda Deravin and Judith Anderson
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Wild mushrooming: a guide for foragers
Alison Pouliot and Tom May
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future is fungi
The herd
Freak out
The future is fungi
Michael Lim and Yun Shu
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The herd: how Sweden chose its own path through the worst pandemic in 100 years

Johan Anderberg; translated from the Swedish by Alice E. Olsson.
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Freak out: how a musical revolution rocked the world in the sixties
Tony Wellington
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Chronicles of dissent
serving our country

Chronicles of dissent: interviews with David Barsamian
Noam Chomsky
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Terror : the French Revolution and its demons
Michel Biard and Marisa Linton
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Serving our country : indigenous Australians, war, defence and citizenship
Joan Beaumont & Allison Cadzow (Eds.)
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young and lonely
spare parts
Vanlifers: beautiful conversions for life on the road
Alex Waite (Ed.)
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Young and lonely: the social conditions of loneliness
Janet Batsleer and James Duggan
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Spare parts: a surprising history of transplants
Paul Craddock
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myth of closure
What I wish people knew about dementia
Wendy Mitchell
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A history of masculinity: from patriarchy to gender justice
 Ivan Jablonka 
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The myth of closure: ambiguous loss in a time of pandemic and change
Pauline Boss
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avoidable war
fact or fission
authority gap

The avoidable war: the dangers of a catastrophic conflict between the US and Xi Jinping's China
Kevin Rudd
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Fact or fission?: the truth about Australia's nuclear ambitions
Richard Broinowski
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The authority gap: why women are still taken less seriously than men, and what we can do about it
Mary Ann Sieghart
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bridge the gap
dignity of labour
last winter
Bridge the gap: breakthrough communication tools to transform work relationships from challenging to collaborative
Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary
Catalogue record
The dignity of labour
Jon Cruddas

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The last winter: the scientists and adventurers trying to save the world
Fox Porter
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science of plants
walking sticks and canes
Toi tu
The science of plants: inside their secret world
Jamie Ambrose and others
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A visual history of walking sticks and canes
Anthony Moss
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Toi tū, toi ora: contemporary Māori art
Nigel Borell (Ed.)
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The inside world
plant hunter's atlas
Tonight's dinner
The inside world: contemporary Aboriginal Australian memorial poles from the Debra and Dennis Scholl collection
Henry F. Skerritt (Ed.)
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The plant hunter's atlas: a world tour of botanical adventures, chance discoveries and strange specimens
Ambra Edwards
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Tonight's dinner 
Adam Liaw
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feminist film guide
Red comet
blood, powder and residue
The feminist film guide: 100 great films to see (that also pass the Bechdel Test)
Mallory Andrews
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Red comet: the short life and blazing art of Sylvia Plath
Heather Clark
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Blood, powder, and residue: how crime labs translate evidence into proof
Beth A. Bechky
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nursing in australia
it's ok that you're not ok
plagues upon the earth
Nursing in Australia: contemporary professional and practice insights.
Edited by Nathan J. Wilson and others.
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It's ok that you're not ok: meeting grief and loss in a culture that doesn't understand
Megan Devine
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Plagues upon the Earth: disease and the course of human history
Kyle Harper
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The urge
the holocaust
The urge: our history of addiction
Carl Erik Fisher
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Control: the dark history and troubling present of eugenics
Adam Rutherford
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The Holocaust
James Bulgin
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Humanist reason
return to vietnam
forty-year war
Humanist reason: a history. an argument. a plan 
Eric Hayot
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Return to Vietnam: an oral history of American and Australian veterans' journeys
Mia Martin Hobbs
Catalogue record
The forty-year war in Afghanistan: a chronicle foretold
Tariq Ali
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trees shrubs and climbers
The practical gardener's guide to trees, shrubs and climbers: get to know the 'personalities' of plants for your garden: featuring 160 drought-tolerant plants
Stephanie Jackson
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