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SA Clubhouse Hotel, 1926

Diamonds Lost and Recovered

The stories that make us

A busy day for the publican of the SA Clubhouse Hotel at Port Adelaide in 1926. 'SAVED FROM DEATH RESCUED IN PORT RIVER Diamonds Lost...

History Hotels and pubs
Apinya Eric Api

Apinya's letter written in Pitjantjatjara language

The stories that make us

Eric Api (Apinya) is celebrated as being the first to write a letter in Pitjantjatjara. He attended the Ernabella school where all students learnt to...

Children History
Bob, the railway dog' at Port Augusta [B 6422]


The stories that make us

In 1882 Bob, a scruffy brown German collie dog covered with thick shaggy hair, was born in Macclesfield, South Australia. He travelled the railways of...

Children History
Arthur family members SLSA BRG347/2019

Arthur Studio Collection

The stories that make us

One of the State Library’s most significant photographic collections came from ‘Arthur and Son studio’ which operated in Mount Gambier from 1904 to 1989. The...

A cropped image from the book - A manual of the Mollusca: a treatise on recent and fossil shells

A borrowed book returned to the State Library over 100 years later

The stories that make us

This book has a fascinating history. It was borrowed from the Adelaide Circulating Library more than 100 years ago by a young Lawrence Bragg, who...

Behind the scenes
Park Lodge Apartments on South Terrace, Adelaide [SLSA BRG 346/29/149/6]

At the archival coalface: John S. Chappel collection

The stories that make us

One of the projects on the go in the State Library Archival Collections team is centred around the John S. Chappel Collection (BRG 346). The...

Architecture Behind the scenes