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Items in the State Library of South Australia's collections that have no known copyright restrictions are those that:

  • have no known cultural sensitivities, and are
  • out of copyright under Australian copyright law, or
  • in copyright, but copyright is owned by or assigned to the Libraries Board of South Australia with unreserved use by State Library customers, or
  • in copyright, but the copyright owner has freed them for unreserved use by State Library customers.

Conditions of Use

Permission to use such items for any purpose, including publishing, is not required from the State Library, however, the following conditions must be adhered to:

  • Acknowledgment of the State Library is required to use this material for any purpose.
    Acknowledgment should include the phrase State Library of South Australia - followed by the Library's unique identifying number.
  • If the catalogue record indicates additional conditions of use, such as those imposed by donors, then those conditions must also be met.
  • The State Library does not endorse or support the derogatory use of any item from its collection.
  • Re-publishing of an item does not create a new copyright in this item.

Order a high-quality copy

You will need to fill in the Request a quote for a copy form to start an order and receive a price confirmation for a copy from our collection.

Note: The State Library tries to identify and contact all copyright holders for this material. The library invites people who believe they are further copyright owners to contact the State Library to discuss usage of material.

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