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East Adelaide Hotel [B 10927]

Occult powers at the East Adelaide Hotel

The stories that make us

One of the best things about this job is bringing together stories and collection material. This might be for our exhibitions, social media, our websites...

Crime and infamy Hotels and pubs
Newspaper clipping of the The lone barmaid. Sunday Mail

City's lone barmaid

The stories that make us

"CITY'S LONE BARMAID Forty years ago this week, Adelaide stopped registering barmaids. Only one is still on the job, Miss Lily Dear, of the Oriental...

History Hotels and pubs
Penny dreadful Australian dick turpin [Au/19 BOR b]

A Penny Dreadful

The stories that make us

'Penny dreadfuls' was the name given to a range of mass-produced, sensational fiction published in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Though not strictly written...

Art, design, fashion Children Literature
Toy koala with scarf [clrcri22543752_1]

Meet Keiffee the post-war koala toy

The story of Valerie’s koala

Valerie was busy tidying her things and had to decide what she would do with Keifee the koala, her treasured childhood toy. Three generations of...

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