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Public Programs Team
Phone: (08) 7424 6234


Entrance to the building will be through the Glass Foyer on North Terrace for events in both Mortlock and Spence Wings. Events in the Institute Building will enter either through the North Terrace or Kintore Avenue entrance to that building. 

Agreed use

The user and the State Library agree to the Conditions of Use of the venue and set up before bump-in. The user will ensure that the event is conducted in a proper, orderly and lawful manner.


Alterations or additions to the venue must not be made without the consent of the Public Programs team.


The user will seek permission from the State Library to use audio/visual equipment in its venues.

The user will be responsible for all hire costs associated with any audio/visual equipment brought onto the premises for use during the event unless prior arrangements are made. 


Please contact public programs team to discuss your catering options.


Unfortunately, storage facilities are not available. All items, including catering waste and empty bottles, are to be removed from the venue by the agreed finish time. Responsibility will not be accepted for items left after this time. 

Contractors and user staff

Contractors and user staff employed in all aspects of event set-up, bump in and out, installation and operation of the equipment are to comply with all applicable sections and regulations of the South Australian Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012.


The user will be responsible for any breakage, flaw, damage, theft or vandalism to the State Library or the property of the State Library during the event. Damage must be reported to the State Library immediately.


If the venue becomes unavailable through circumstances beyond the control of the State Library, then your event will be relocated to an alternate venue within the State Library. If a comparable venue cannot be made available for the agreed period, the State Library will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the user as a result of the unavailability.


Deliveries must be scheduled within the agreed period, unless prior arrangements have been made with the State Library. The State Library does not accept responsibility for deliveries that arrive before the agreed period. The user must be present to accept delivery and arrange set-up and pack-up of goods supplied.


All electrical equipment brought onto the State Library premises must be tested and tagged in accordance with Work Health and Safety regulations. The user will be required to advise the supplier to contact:

Facilities Coordinator
Phone: (08) 7424 6225

Filming and photography

Wedding photography is no longer permissible inside State Library Buildings.  Photos may be taken in the State Library forecourt. Seek permission for filming, videoing and photography at the time of booking the venue. Read more about wedding photography and camera use in the State Library.


The user shall take all reasonable precautions against any loss or damage to the State Library by fire. Smoke machines, candles, gas cylinders, explosive devices or any item with a naked flame are not permitted on the premises. Equipment, fittings, or materials must not be placed in a position that will in any way obstruct the egress to any designated exit. 

The State Library reserves the right to remove any items that obstruct a designated fire exit, any costs associated with the removal of items will be the user’s responsibility.


The user agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the State Library and the Libraries Board of South Australia against any action, claim or demand whatsoever which arises or may arise as a result of the user’s function. 

The user indemnifies the State Library for the loss or damage of any of the user’s equipment, property or personal belongings.


The user will permit authorised staff or agents of the State Library to enter the venue during the agreed period for the purpose of inspecting the premises, or for any purpose connected with or related to these conditions.


The user shall arrange public liability insurance for the hire period insuring against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or claimed against the State Library or the user or both in relation to the function. Or, the user agrees to indemnify the State Library from any loss, damage or claim as provided for under the user’s self-insurance arrangements.

Liquor Licence

Permission must be obtained from the Venue Hire team to serve alcohol on the State Library premises. The caterer or supplier of alcoholic beverages is also required to lodge a limited liquor licence application with the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner and display the licence for the duration of the event.

Loading dock

The loading dock is accessible via Morgan Thomas Lane, off Kintore Avenue. It is located at the rear, north-eastern side of the Spence Wing. A loading zone is also located on Kintore Avenue outside the side entrance to the Institute Building.


The user will seek permission from the State Library before offering for sale any products or merchandise on the State Library premises.


The State Library does not provide parking on the premises. A commercial parking facility is located opposite the State Library on North Terrace. Accessible parking is located on Kintore Avenue.


An invoice for costs relating to your event will be forwarded to you. Payment is to be made on receipt of the invoice, remember to quote the invoice number.

Radio devices

The user will seek permission from the State Library prior to using any radio transmitting devices on the premises.


Security requirements will be determined by the Public Programs team taking into account the scope and timing of your event. The user agrees to pay the cost of security, the State Library reserves the right to exclude or eject any person from the premises for inappropriate behaviour or if they put at risk the staff, customers or collections of the State Library.


All signage requirements including size, the method of display and the location, are to be sighted and agreed with the Public Programs team.


Smoking is not permitted in the State Library buildings.


We reserve the right to control sound levels at your event. Amplified bands will not be permitted during opening hours.


General waste may be placed in the bin provided. The user is responsible for removing empty bottles from the premises.

Work, Health and Safety

The user is responsible for compliance with all applicable sections and regulations of the South Australian Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012.