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Christmas singing Mount Gambier

Remembering Christmas Past

The stories that make us

For most people Christmas Eve or Christmas Day is about getting together with friends and family for a special meal and tearing the paper off...

Children Christmas History
Greeting cards, SLSA: PRG 337/3/43

The Spirit of Giving

The stories that make us

South Australians have a long tradition of giving and of offering a helping hand. Sometimes that’s not easy. As Christmas approaches it’s easy to be...

Christmas History
Portrait photograph of Mary Bower, nee Hall.

The young lady who left home in 1877

The stories that make us

Sleuthing at the State Library using newspaper clippings, three books, inscriptions, newspaper archives, and censuses, pieces together the intriguing story of a run-away in 1877...

Biography Literature
Detail of Father Christmas featured in Vojtech Kubasta's story book. SLSA: clrc i22817190

A visit from Father Christmas

Christmas at the Mortlock this year is inspired by the designs of Czechoslovakian paper artist Vojtěch Kubašta (b.1914 Vienna, d.1992 Prague). Kubašta was one of...

Children History Literature
Lord Horatio Nelson's letter to Thomas Lloyd. SLSA: 941.073 N426

Real or fake: Lord Nelson's letter written in 1798

The stories that make us

For a long time, a large brown envelope with a crayoned inscription lay in the back of the special collection’s stacks. The inscription read, ‘Nelson...

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