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The Document Delivery Team places a high priority on the prompt supply of books and photocopies from State Library collections to public libraries. The following performance agreement has been in place since 1994:

  • Delivery of articles identified by the requesting library as specific citations held by the State Library to be faxed or be processed ready for the courier by 5pm on a working day following receipt of the request.
  • Book requests to be processed ready for the courier or posted to the requesting library by 5pm on a working day following receipt of the request.
  • For urgent requests requiring faster than standard response times, the State Library will meet shorter timelines as negotiated with the requesting library.
  • We meet these deadlines in over 99% of cases.

For more information view the Inter-library loans of State Library materials condition of use.

Make a request online

Fill in the Public library inter-library loan or copy requests online form and the Document Delivery Team will be in contact with you.

Cost of copies

South Australian public libraries receive reduced price copies from State Library collections. If the cost of requests received, on any one occasion, is less than or equal to $5 (e.g. less than 17 A4 photocopied pages) the charge is debited to the central Public Libraries South Australia (PLSA) account to which all libraries contribute. If the amount is over $5 the individual public library will be charged with no component of the cost borne by PLSA.

A4 $0.30 per page
A3 $0.30 per page
Microfilm printing
A4 $0.60 per page
A3 $0.60 per page
Microfiche printing
A4 $0.40 per page
(A3 not available)

Have a question?

Brief queries can be made during State Library open hours.

Phone: (08) 8207 7250 or 1800 182 013 (for country callers)
Fax: (08) 8207 7247

Ask Us a research query

If you cannot answer a query using the resources of your own library, our Research Librarians offer research support services. Public library customers can access the extensive resources of the State Library through this service. 

Ask Us, Roland Eime, librarian in charge of Youth Lending, assisting a customer [B 72589/3]

Ask Us

For all your research or reference queries our librarians are here to help you!

Checklist for public library staff to help customer research queries

Have you ... ?

  • Printed a copy of the request for your records.
  • Included your staff member's name (or alternative staff member if you are part-time).
  • Included your staff member's phone number.
  • Included the customer's name.
  • Included the customer's phone number or other contact option.

Did you include ... ?


  • An indication of the level/complexity of information required, eg. primary school, family historian, local business, serious hobbyist.
  • Any relevant dates, eg when the event occurred, information on the topic within a range of years.
  • The brief context of the request, eg background information supplied by the customer.
  • Purpose of the request, just some indication if the customer offers this.

Tell us about ... ?

  • The information you have already located and given the customer.
  • Sources you have already checked, e.g.  Public Libraries catalogue, State Library catalogue, internet, specific websites, Libraries Australia. Which search words did you use?
  • Referrals you have given the customer, e.g. to a government department or community agency or a local expert.
  • Information the customer has already located.