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What are mediated records?

Mediated access is required when archival records contain personal information about individuals whose privacy requires protection.

Clients wanting access to any of these items and/or a copy need to provide written permission to the State Library from the relevant organisation as listed under Seek permission contacts. Records listed in our catalogue requiring mediated access are clearly identified.

Who can access mediated records?

Anyone asking for access to these records must meet one of the following criteria:

  • they are looking for their own information
  • they are looking on behalf someone who has authorised them to do so
  • they are related to the person in some way and have a legitimate reason for asking for access.

How to access mediated records

1. Seek written permission from the organisation

2. Request access to mediated records

Once permission has been obtained from the relevant organisation complete the following form to arrange a time to access and/or copy the record:

Fill in the Records requiring mediated access online form 

Our staff will notify you about your specific request regarding required access and/or copy supply.

If you are unable to submit the permission electronically, please send a copy by post:
Research Services
State Library of South Australia
GPO Box 419, Adelaide, SA 5001

Seek permission contacts

Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian and Uniting Church records
Synod Archivist
Uniting Church in Australia
212 Pirie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Anglican Church records
Anglican Church Archivist or Executive Officer
Anglican Church Office
26 King William Road, North Adelaide SA 5006
Diocesan Archives - Adelaide Anglicans

Australian Red Cross records
Australian Red Cross Executive Assistant to the Executive Director SA
212 Pirie St, Adelaide SA 5000