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The State Library of South Australia requires written proof from donors/copyright holders that you have been authorised to access/copy/publish restricted material. The letter of authorisation should be addressed to Permission Authorisation Officer, Customer Services, State Library of South Australia.

Obtaining a letter of authorisation will not retrieve material from storage. You must initiate a separate request for retrieval and remember to bring your letter of authorisation with you to the State Library.

Below is a checklist of the information that your authorisation letter must include:

1. Full contact details of the person/s providing permission

  • Name
  • Address
  • Position with organisation (if applicable)
  • Phone number(s) (not just mobile)
  • Email address (es)
  • Signature
  • Date of authorisation

2. Full contact details giving your

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number (not just mobile)
  • Email address

Same information for any nominated proxies (limit 4)

3. Type of permission needed (as required by donor/copyright holder for the material wanted)

  • To access
  • To copy
  • To copy and publish

4. List of specific items required with collection numbers/description

5. Duration of authorisation: for access and copying permissions only. Not applicable for publishing; see our information regarding seeking permission to publish.

NOTE: It is preferable that the authorisation be provided in hard copy for staff at the State Library, and on letterhead, if available. Email communications if necessary can be accepted. Please put 'Permission authorisation' in the subject together with all relevant information as outlined above; email to The copyright holder/donor can send this directly to the Library with a copy to you.